Bleach Anime Challenge

If you have been around my blog before you might have noticed I am not all that great with keeping up with challenges, but let’s be real, it is called a challenge for a reason. Namely it is hard. For most the challenge comes in with actually sticking to it, mine is that but I also find it hard to pick a favourite so that delays my posting even more.

However I want to correct my shoddy record and the only way to do that is of course another challenge! So here I am with a new challenge that is anime specific, hopefully this will help lessen the number of options available to me. So July’s challenge is Bleach! Why Bleach? I have a soft spot for this particular anime and figured I should already know most of the answers to my questions so it should be easier to keep on top of and answer.

So without further adieu here are the questions:


Now that you have seen the questions, here comes another, would you like to join me in my July Bleach challenge?

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