Fairy Tail, the end is here

This reality is hard to face and is now the third long running manga series that I follow to have ended in two years, first it was Bleach, then it was Naruto and now Fairy Tail. Now all that is really left is One Piece…When that ends I wonder what will happen to all the OP fans…

I am getting distracted. Back to Fairy Tail. A few weeks back it was announced that the end of Fairy Tail was approaching and I was hesitant as well as skeptical. Until I started seeing the countdown appear on all of the front covers of the latest chapter releases.

The manga started all the way back in 2006. So it has been running for over a decade. Not bad for a story that was only meant to go on until the end of the Phantom arc. Now over ten years on and with an anime ย adaption that was first run in 2009 the end is really coming.

Now with only 5 chapters remaining the end is fast approaching. Only 5 more weeks.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end. I just hope this ending will not be as rushed and half done as Bleach was. Don’t get me wrong, I like how Bleach ended but not the rushed pace that had happened. They clearly either ran out of ideas to move from the one point to the end or they just really ran out of time. So I am hoping deep down Fairy Tail does not meet the same fate with just 5 chapters left. Since there is so much to still cover and so many questions to answer, I am approaching it the same way I end a lot of books. The last few pages I often think there is no ways it will all be resolved and unhappily find myself right. Either there is a squeal, which we know won’t happen since this is the end. Or the ending is so rushed with so much left unaccounted for that it ruins the enjoyment I had experienced.

The upside is that there is a high probability of getting a final season. There are rumors that it will continue September this year but I can not confirm nor deny this.

Image result for long hair natsu dragneel

How do you feel about the end of Fairy Tail? What will you be happy to see in the final chapters? Myself I would like to see Gajeel and Levy together (especially after his dramatic confession) as well as I would like to see Natsu and Lucy together, although I have a feeling I will see the next couple but I hope I don’t, Gray and Juvia. As I have explained previously, I am not a fan of that particular pairing. Of course I can not forget about Jellal and Erza. Then there are the other characters that I want to see certain pairings and I wonder what will happen with the guild itself.

So many things but all we can do is wait and see while dreaming countless possibilities.

Image result for Fairy Tail vlc


Your thoughts?

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