Agito, my crazy blood thirsty baby 

Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima are three separate personalities sharing a single body. 

If you have read my review on Air Gear (if not you can read it here) then you would know that Agito is my favourite character of the actual anime as well as of the three personalities. For ease when referring to all three at once I shall just say ‘he’.

  • Name: Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima
  • Alias: Fang King or Shark
  • Race: Brain Changer
  • Class: King
  • Team: Kogarasumaru
  • Age: 14/15


Image result for Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima

He has a rather feminine physique with a slim build and shoulder-length, dark blue hair. When he is Agito his eyes are amber with slit pupils and he has fanged teeth. The more obvious defining feature is the eye patch which covers the left eye. As Akito, he has amber eyes with normal pupils, the eye patch covers his right eye. When he is Lind, he has Over-Cross Twinkle Eyes, spiky hair and fanged teeth and does not wear an eye patch.

When we first meet the trio we see Agito and he is wearing an orange stripped straight jacket.  Which as the series progresses their usual attire consists of an eye patch, black pants, and black jacket with the Kogarasumaru emblem emblazoned on the back. Agito used to carry straps with hooks that can be wound around the legs and used to bind enemies. Although Agito stopped wearing the hooks they will occasionally come out.


This one I will obviously have to break into three.

Image result for Agito WanijimaAgito – He is the youngest and most dominant persona of the original duo. He was developed by Akito to cope with the mental stress. Due to Akito’s pacifist nature and responsibilities as Fang King, Agito was brought forward to block out the rather violent actions. As such, Agito’s strength is mainly derived from his desire to protect Akito. On the whole Agito is an aloof and foul-mouthed character. Agito also seems to enjoy tormenting and hunting down other A-T riders often hurting them in the process until he teams up with Ikki.

Akito – He is the dominant personality.  Opposite to Agito in almost every way. He is very timid and gentle. He had been trained to be the Fang King. Akito is feminine in both his behavior and appearance. He is homosexual and has feelings for Ikki.

Related imageLind – The last persona to appear and the original. When his personality was grafted on, his consciousness was too much for his body to handle; Akito, and by extension Agito were created from the resulting mental turmoil. He is ruthless, sadistic and disdainful, he even regards his other two personalities as “babies”. Although he does have a rare caring side.

Strengths & Weaknesses

All 3 of them are King-Level Bloody Road riders in their own right, and they share the shadow Leviathan. However, there are distinct differences in their abilities. They all have Superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina and agility since they do share a body. Although all three have various ways of bringing out the full potential of their abilities.  In actual combat, he is exceptionally collected and focused, possessing keen instincts and analytic acumen. This, combined with his ability to perform moves after having seen them just once, has earned him the name of Genius Fighter.

The trio have no notable weaknesses.

All three personalities were voiced by Kokoro Kikuchi in the sub and Blake Shepard in the dub versions of the anime.



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