Maid-Sama closing lyrics

I did the lyrics for the opening intro ‘My Secret‘ ages ago and thought it was time to do the credit song. I just wish that the show had some of the ‘bad-ass-ness’ that the first 5 seconds of the credit video. Although I did love the full story.



Even if it is just a little
I want you to tell me your real feelings
I’ll accept it with these hands
You’re always putting on a strong front
I’m sure you’re trying to hide something again
Yeah that must be it
I grabbed your hand tightly
And started running without anywhere in mind
Please just stay in my heart
Because I’ll always be watching over you
No matter what happens, I will never leave you
So don’t stop and don’t be afraid
When you turn around and look back at me
We will surely be smiling at each other

Such sweet and supportive lyrics, which really do match with the show. I really enjoyed the visuals for this one. From the first few all the way through. Although I will freely admit it was the first 5 (below) that got me to watch the credits hoping for more…

If you have any anime intro or ending songs that you would like featured in a similar post let me know.


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