Best Bleach Closing credits

There are quite a few Bleach endings to choose from for this day’s challenge. The music selection also covers quite a wide range of genre.

Most popular

Once again it would be the very first one “Life Is Like A Boat” by

Having the first ones being the popular option for favourites for both the opening and closing makes sense. Firstly these are the ones seen by most people as the first few episodes were shown on tv and when people start a series it is usually with the first few episodes. Also, this ending is quite popular since it starts off in English making it instantly recognisable.

My Favourite

This one really was a no brainer for me. I have to choose the fourth ending, Happy People. This is another track that occasionally finds its way onto my playlist and gets absolutely ruined every time I bop around in my car singing at full volume. Never fails to put a smile on my face. Although it was a close call withย My Pace, the 6th ending.

What is your favourite ending song for Bleach?


Your thoughts?

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