RUSH, for Esports

One of the reasons that rAge is such a massive success is because of the LAN opportunity where hundreds of gamers take their PC’s to rAge and have hours of uninterrupted gaming. The tickets are sold out quite quickly for NAG BYOC LAN. Plus rAge has a pro gaming scene where you can enter and stand a chance of winning various prizes.

The creators of rAge saw the potential for Esports in South Africa and thus have created the dawn of RUSH, the first esport initiative of its kind in SA.  Like rAge, it is set to be an annual event for gamers where it will showcase everything that esports has to offer.

RUSH will take place over three days and will feature games such as Counter Strike, Global Offensive, FIFA 17 and Leauge of Legends where you can watch the pros at work battling it out to take away the top spots and of course the elite prizes. There will also be a Street Fighter V tournament where whether you are a casual player or pro you can compete.

RUSH too will have the NAG BYOC LAN! It will be available to 600 gamers to hook up to one network to enjoy three days of gaming bliss.

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The deats

  • Dates: 21 July – 23 July 2017
  • Show times:
    • Friday: 10:00-20:00
    • Saturday: 09:00-21:00
    • Sunday: 09:00-16:00
  • Ticket Prices:
    • Day ticket (access for one day only): R50
    • Weekend ticket (access for all three days): R100
    • NAG LAN BYOC ticket (24/7 access): R600
  • Venue: Exhibition Hall 2, Sandton Convention Centre, Gauteng
  • Socials:
  • The Website:

My side:

Luckily this falls over my dad’s birthday so as a surprise I shall be taking him there. In my house, we all game, each of us has our own style and game type preference, of course, like I rather enjoy RPG’s and simulations where my dad prefers first person shooters and my mom hidden object and puzzle games. Which is why it makes sense that my brother and boyfriend game too. We don’t have a TV we have computers.

It is surprising yet at the same time not that if you enjoy anime there are other aspects of the ‘geek’ side of things that appeal, such as gaming or comics and even artistically.


Even after knowing the above I am not overly sure what to expect. I wonder if there will be cosplayers from the various games, what stands there will be and what other games. I am rather looking forward to it. As you know by now, I will be there, will you? What console do you prefer? Also, what is your preferred type of game?


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