My fav Bleach couple

Bleach was not a romance by any stretch of the imagination and there had been little emphasis on it. However as fans will do, a lot of ships cropped up. One of the more obvious ones being Rukia and Ichigo. Where I saw a deep bond and friendship others saw a romantic type relationship.

Image result for ichigo x rukia

Another famous ship is Orihime and Ulquiorra which I could kind of see and a small (okay maybe not so small) part of myself does go along with it.

Image result for inoue orihime x ulquiorra

Yet neither of these were my ship for Bleach. No mine consisted of a pair of orphaned and abandoned children who escaped the slums and worked their way up, only to be torn apart when one was adopted and then later sentenced to death. If you have not guessed who by now you should probably rewatch Bleach. I am speaking of none other than Rukia and Renji.

Image result for rukia x renji

You have no idea how happy I was when these two become cannon (aka their relationship become official) at the end of the manga. I was giggling and posting all over the place because my ship came in. I was really happy for Renji. I supported him from the moment he begged Ichigo to save her. I also saw how this would be going when Ichigo handed Rukia over – technically he threw her- to Renji during the soul society arc.


Image result for rukia x renji
Look at that blush!


Now you know who my favourite couple is I would like to know yours (^^,) also what do you think of my favourite couple?

For this post, I used fan art, not screenshots like I usually do. Wanna know where they came from? Right click and search google.

Your thoughts?

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