Past Week’s Obsessions #06

This past week has been insane with car repairs, re-arranging and way too much spending. Although on the up side my car has finally been washed which I have been meaning to do since October, so there are positives.

Unlike previous weeks I feel somewhat accomplished for this week. I have been on Twitter for two years, I have over 2000 followers on Facebook, AAA has over 200 followers and I got in quite a bit of reading (as per norm) and binged watched a lot while getting quite a few posts up this week! All in all a really good week.


You can pretty much tell what I watched and rewatched this week since there are reviews up for a few of them.

Samurai Champloo I dived in and watched once again.

Image result for Samurai Champloo vlc

My curiosity got the better of me and I watched My wife is the student council president


While watching those I still watched a few more episodes of Beelzebub and then got drawn into watching odd episodes of Bleach here and there as I answered the challenges.


  • Soul Land Chapter 180
  • Warehouse Chapter 35
  • Midnight Sun Chapter 21
  • The Gamer Chapter 181
  • Black Haze Chapter 219
  • King’s Viking Chapter 24
  • Fairy Tail Chapter 543

Plus there were a few more but I can’t recall all of their names 😛


Blog Posts


  • Song: BTS – Not Today (Nightcore)
  • Anime: Yuri on Ice

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  1. One of the good things about no longer owning a car is that I don’t have to wash it. Somehow it would always rain the day after I cleaned my auto.

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