Bleach scene that made me sad

There were so many scenes that made me sad and for so many reasons. A lot of them were character deaths like the one I will mention below. What made it sad for me was the character really appealed to me and I liked him from the very first time we saw him on screen.

Of course, I am referring to Ulquiorra’s death. This was really sad and I needed a tissue or two.

What really made this sad for me was the fact that I feel he could have been saved. If Orihime had just acted (instead of just standing there like she tends to do) he would not have died. Although I can not argue the point too much. If she had, in fact, healed him, would he have continued to fight Ichigo? I mean he had been on the verge of removing Ichigo’s arm and a leg because he had insisted. Which also does brings me to the fact that it is not really that big a deal since Orihime can ‘heal’ that as she had done with Grimjoww but I wonder if Ichigo could just regenerate it on his own?

To me, it was sad purely because it just did not really need to happen. He needlessly dies.

What was a sad moment in Bleach for you?


Your thoughts?

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