Just started Hunter X Hunter, and I have a problem

A few days back I decided I will finally start this and took the advice of many and started the more recent adaptation.  Now 22 episodes in and I already have a rather glaring issue.

Just how old was Gon’s dad when Gon was born? 

In the anime, it is clearly stated that his father, Ging Freecss, abandoned Gon so that he could become a hunter. Okay, no problem just yet other than a really shitty dad. Then it is also stated that Gon is the same age as his father when he had left to become a Hunter.

Gon is 12 years old.

Hunter X Hunter, Gon, Touching Toes, Sitting Cross legged, thinking

Do you see my dilemma? There is no clear cut answer right away. So I am left to speculate. So was Ging 12 which would be really young for that kind of thing and considering the type of show I find that hard to believe. Which leads me to another theory.

Ging became a hunter and later had Gon. Whether this was before or after returning to Whale Island I am not sure. To which he abandoned Gon to continue being a Hunter. He really is not winning any dad of the year awards.

Now I wonder why Gon is being raised by Mitty, which was recently made clear is his aunt. So where is his mother? Who is his mother?

Hunter X Hunter, Gon, Touching Toes, Sitting Cross legged, thinking

I am faced with so many questions and I want to know the answers to and I am hoping that my curiosity will be satisfied. Plus I am discovering as the series goes on I am getting more questions so I only hope that each one is answered.

Hunter X Hunter, Gon, Touching Toes, Sitting Cross legged, thinking, Hisoka Morow


6 thoughts on “Just started Hunter X Hunter, and I have a problem

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  1. I’m not sure exactly when it’s mentioned, but Ging came back to the island several years after becoming a Hunter with a baby Gon in tow. Then quickly left to go on another adventure and was never seen since.

    So he was an adult by then 😛

    I had the same question myself until the show addressed it later on! Haha.

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  2. I’m not sure if you want answers from us or from the show itself. Anyway, my answer is on the next paragraphs. Just ignore this if you’re just intending to voice out questions you prefer answered by the show itself. :>

    It’s true that Ging left the island before turning 12 to take the Hunter exam, but it was 10 years after that when he went back to Whale Island to leave Gon in the care of his family. And Gon was only 2 years old then. So, he was actually 20 when he had a son.

    His reason for leaving Gon is to live the Hunter life and, perhaps to him, caring for a son will get in a way for that (especially what with his line of work). So yeah, not exactly one to win a best dad award.

    About the mother, well, I’d like you to wait for the future episode where this will be tackled. 🙂

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    1. Ah, leaving me in suspense there! Yay I am so glad that I guessed right although seeing the age I can understand the hesitation to look after his son but still. I am looking forward to it all being unraveled in the show. Thanks for answering (^^,)

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      1. Hahaha! It’s not going to be something that will be dropped like a bomb. Yep, I hope you enjoy the show! Looking forward to your thoughts about it. 🙂

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