Past Week’s Obsessions #07

Since last week’s round up not much has changed although I did start exercising again. Which was a surprise to me, since it is winter now and really cold. On the upside, I found a stick and named it Steve.

A selfie of Steve and I
Oh no! Steve!!!
How I felt when I accidentally broke Steve…

Random I know, but I just could not help it. However how about I get back to actual proper anime related stuff?


It took a moment for me to remember what I had actually watched this past week.


I watched the first two episodes of Dive!! and I am currently waiting for the rest of the episodes to come out. So far it seems interesting and more focused on the actual sport than Free!! had been.


Then I started on Hunter X Hunter and I can honestly say I am enjoying it and I am really glad that the hunter exam did not take too long although I was slightly surprised by the outcome of it all.


  • Warehouse chapter 35
  • Doulou Dalu II I read up until chapter 106
  • Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari, I started and caught up with the latest chapter
  • The Gamer chapter 132
  • Fairy Tail Chapter 544
  • World Customize Creator, I started and caught up with the latest chapter
  • Namaikizakari chapter 53
  • Desolate Era, I have read up until chapter 27
  • Noblesse chapter 468

Plus there was a fair share of Yaoi that would probably double the length of this list.

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  • Song: Gasoline – Halsey (American Avenue Cover)
  • Anime: Jikan no Shihaisha

4 thoughts on “Past Week’s Obsessions #07

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  1. I have been wanting to watch Dive!!! myself but hesitant since you know: the similarities between this and Free!!! are too much at face value. Glad to hear that it’s more focused on swimming rather than catering to the fan-girls.

    Great read! Also, thanks for mentioning my article! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Surprisingly Dive!! (in manga form) has been around longer than Free. So far only similarities are art style and it involves a pool. I was also hesitant but ended up watching the second episode by accident on Facebook and had to hunt down episode one.

      You’re welcome and you really have made me want to watch that anime now.


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