Best Bleach Arc

Even harder than choosing the worst Bleach arc was choosing the Best arc. Turns out it was harder than I had ever expected. So, of course, I could not choose a single one, instead, I chose three.

Agent of the Shinigami arc

Image result for Agent of the Shinigami arc

The first and original arc is a favourite because we get introduced to our main characters and it is in this arc where we learn about them and that the bonds are first developed.

Arrancar: The Arrival arc 

Image result for arrancar and vizards

This arc finally brought about the continuation of the actual story line as well as we got to meet some pretty awesome characters.

Arrancar: Downfall arc

Image result for Arrancar: Downfall arc  

This arc had some really touching moments for me as well as really awesome and memorable fight scenes.

What was the best Bleach arc in your opinion?


Your thoughts?

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