Lust list, you could win! 

As most of you know, on Facebook I am running a giveaway because I have reached 3 000 followers! Now, I have yet to announce what could be won. Strange, I know, but I have been debating and have decided I will let the winner choose for themselves what their prize is.

Wait, hear me out. There are so many fandoms when it comes to anime. So instead of limiting this to just a set fandom, anyone can enter no matter which fandom they support! Below are some of the things I would personally choose. Read until the end to see how this is relevant!

Japan Crate! 

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Okay so if you are an anime fan, there is a high chance you like Japan. So what is the Japan Crate? There are four options to choose from. Yea I really want to get one and I am planning to do so come December as a little reward to myself for surviving through 2017.

  • Original Japan Crate: This is a care package of full-size Japanese candy & snacks, with a collectable bonus item, a Japan-exclusive drink, and a custom manga-zine with translations, contests and more depending on the crate size
  •  Doki Doki Crate: This is a crate full of kawaii to bring more cuteness to your month. Receive practical items ranging from exclusive apparel to licensed collectables, household goods, plushies and more.
  • Kira Kira Crate: Receive full-size items directly from Japan through a mix of four categories: Daily Care, Cosmetics, Pamper, and Bath & Spa.
  • Umai Crate: Eat like you’re in Japan with Umai Crate, your monthly supply of rare & delicious Japan-exclusive instant noodles. Crates include premium quality noodles from udon to yakisoba, spaghetti, soba, ramen and more. You’ll also receive a surprise monthly bonus item like collectable chopsticks or fun ramen gachapon.

Smallville Comics


Okay, so their online store is not really anime specific but they have some really awesome anime figurines and manga. There is so much that I want from that store, it honestly scares and amazes me.  This is where I mainly buy all of my manga and anime related products.

Other Websites I am obsessed with:

So how does all of the above tie in with my September competition? Well, you can choose your prize from the above websites! Yes, I am serious.

How each one will work?

  • Japan Crate – I am still confirming that this is available for SA, hence why this has taken so long to go up! Once I get an answer I will let ya know.
  • Smallville – since the website is a little bit of a letdown, I will be in the store showing you what is available and then you tell me what you want. I buy it, wrap it and ship it and then it makes its way to you!
  • The other websites – you pick the prize and send the link for the product to me along with your delivery details, I pay for it and send it to your specified delivery address.

Cool huh? So what is the spending limit? Since there are shipping fees involved, sadly the value can only range between R350 and R400. However, if the shipping fee is free because you spent over the specified amount you have R500 to spend!

*Tech Fix Play also has an actual store and they are always at rAge, so I could possibly do the same as Smallville, just while I am at rAge. The same with Dark Carnival and yes Smallville will also be at rAge!

All communication will be done over WhatsApp for ease 🙂  Now with all that being said, remember…

September Anime Give Away 2017


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