Anime styled glasses, heck yeah or too far?

I was peacefully scrolling through my Facebook timeline and stumbled upon this video. It really got me thinking, do we really need this or is this another example of taking things too far?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea and concept of anime-styled frames yet there is a whole store dedicated to this. Yes, it is creative and unique but chances are when wearing the glasses you will be the only one to know where they are from. Oh, wait, you and every single person you tell. So does there really need to be a store dedicated to this or could it have been added to a normal eyeglass wear place? Or did it need a store so that you as an otaku could easily recognise it? I will be perfectly honest, looking at some of them, if you did not tell me, or if there was no picture, I would have no clue where they came from. However, some are slightly more obvious than others but on a whole, I would really be clueless. That or it would bug me knowing I know where it is from, but unable to place it.

Yet even after all of that, do I want to go there? Yes! Do I want to buy myself a few frames? Can’t deny it. Do I need them? No, not really but who cares. To me, this is one of those where you just calmly accept the situation, reach for the wallet tell your brain and logic to shut up as the store takes your money and go home with a strange sense of satisfaction.

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4 thoughts on “Anime styled glasses, heck yeah or too far?

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  1. I would love to buy a frame to replace my current ones–too bad Japan won’t accept my American health insurance for a prescription 😛

    I do wonder whether the store will last though… the initial hype might bring in a lot of customers because of its novelty, but then it might just become a fad (like Sanrio stores in the US)

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