Finally season 4 of DXD!

If you have been a long time fan of High School DXD you will be glad to know that they have finally announced that season 4 is coming!

For a long while, it was speculated that season 4 was never going to come that was until a new studio picked up the anime. It is now with the studio Passione, and no longer TNK, which created the first three seasons of the anime series. A new studio means that there is a new take on the artwork style which can clearly be seen in the above trailer for the fourth season.  However, even though the studio and staff have changed, the beloved voice cast will all return with some newcomers.

Season 4 is officially called High School DxD Hero. In this season we shall be introduced to a new villain which comes from the light novel counterpart of DXD.  There is currently no announcement on how many episodes there will be or an official release date yet but it has been confirmed that next year (2018) we will be getting this next season. Although it will probably only be in the latter half of the year.


Are you excited for it? I am and I know my significant other is as well.



Your thoughts?

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