Anime Intro Quiz #1

How many of the ten anime intro’s are you able to get right?

Remember to set the volume on the video so you can hear the intros.

So how many could you get? Comment below 🙂  Which did you know or not know?

10 thoughts on “Anime Intro Quiz #1

Add yours

  1. Wahh I only got 4, but to be fair I haven’t seen 7 of these shows.

    Got Attack on Titan, Aho-Girl, Welcome to Ballroom, and Angel Beats (though I haven’t seen it). I really need to get on this My Hero Academia train.

    I should have gotten Jikan no Shihaisha but I dropped it so fast it’s a long gone memory.

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  2. Tragically I only knew 4 of them though that is probably due to me skipping intros that I don’t like after the first couple of eps so only the ones I enjoy really stick. Loved the last one by the way.
    Thanks for sharing this, it was great fun.

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      1. Attack on Titan, Blood Lad, My Hero Academia and Angel Beats. Angel Beats was the one that from the second note I knew and smiled as it is one of my favourite openings ever.

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    1. Yeah, My Soul Your Beats is one of the most recognizable OP’s out there, (IMO, YMMV of course.) Tied with Tank (Cowboy Bebop) for being so distinctive within a few notes.

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