Noblesse, where is the rest of the anime?

I have been following the webtoon for Noblesse for a really long time and I have really been enjoying it. So much so that I went on a hunt to see if there was possibly an anime adaption for Noblesse since it really is popular.

Noblesse Rai and Frankenstein

I was surprised to find that there were two episodes. Or rather there are two adaptations of half an hour each. Both made by different companies which makes sense since both are in different languages. There is Noblesse and Noblesse Awakening.

Noblesse covers the past with Lord Muzaka and Rai with their friendship, Ashleen and then finally their epic battle.

Noblesse Raizel, Muzaka and Ashleen

Noblesse Awakening follows the webtoon from the moment they find the coffin in the ocean. To Rai and Frankenstein’s first fight and the end of the very first arc in the webtoon.

Noblesse Awakening1
This is one of my favourite moments in Noblesse Awakening

While both were awesome to watch they had different animation styles and I will say I really prefer the animation for Noblesse Awakening whereas Noblesse had the more 3D graphics similarly found in games. Each episode seems to have been made as purely to promote the webtoon itself rather than as a tester to see how the public would take to it.

I would have really liked for there to be more to Noblesse Awakening. It would be great if they continued it on and we got an actual anime for Noblesse and not just the single episode. Are you following the Noblesse Webtoon? Would you like an anime adaption?


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  1. Yes! This is one of the first stories I started reading when I found Webtoons. I’m on episode 208 and never thought to look into if it had been adapted into anything. I’ll keep these on my radar but I’ll finish reading first.

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      1. I try to read slow because I hate having to wait a whole week for an update. Lol I’m reading Sirens Lament and My Dead Cold-Blooded King and I’m caught up and the anxiety I have waiting on the new episodes is a like a kid waiting for a checkout line to move. Lol

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      2. Oooh not heard of My dead Cold-Blooded King, I’ll go check it out and I’m same with Sirens! I can’t believe how it ended this season with Shon!

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      3. CB King is so good and so beautifully drawn. I wish I had those skills. I know!! I’m team Ian tho lol but we have to wait until next month. It’s killer.

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      4. I wish I had any form of art skill…I have not picked a side yet so I still remain in the middle, they keep doing things that keep me torn between the two. I shall def check out CB today (^^,)

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  2. I love the webtoon ans I agree with you. Noblesse Awakening was pretty good and it would have been nice if they continued it. Noblesse just has a really good story that I feel would translate well into a pretty cool anime series.

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  3. Oh YES! I’d LOVE an anime~

    The webtoon is one of the first I started, the only issue being ongoing *rolls eyes*
    But still, I haven’t watched both of those, so I’ll have to check them out…

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      1. Same here, I start long-running releases thinking it will take a while for me to catch up and before I know it I am back to waiting for the next release.

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