Anime Intro Quiz #4

At least the wait for the fourth anime intro quiz was not too long this time around. I had quite a bit of fun putting this one together. The quiz will be slightly different next time for number 5 but there will only be minor changes.

Remember to set the volume on the video so you can hear the intros.

Which of the anime intro’s in the video did you know or not know?

Want to see previous videos? Click here.


6 thoughts on “Anime Intro Quiz #4

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  1. I got #2, #6, #7 (thanks to Irina’s post where she linked a video showing all the different versions of that OP – I ain’t ever watched Hunter x Hunter before), #8, and #9.

    Only 5, haha…

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  2. Okay, I felt bad not getting number 1 because I knew it but couldn’t think of the name in time. I only managed 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 this time round and I’m pretty sure 7 actually came up with the title at the same time as I finally placed the song. 2 was the easiest for me. I love that opening.

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