February, the real start to 2018

How are we already in February when yesterday I was still in December busy planning the 2018 calendars? Well, that’s okay, everyone knows that January is still considered the previous year and February is the real start to the new year.

By this time, New Year resolutions have been made and broken, probably numerous times already and on the fast track to being forgotten.  That is usually why I myself try to avoid making a big fuss about the New Year and January with all of the resolution buzz and hype. I prefer to wait until February.

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Usually, decisions made at the beginning of the year are from impulse or a sudden desire to change with the new year believing a new year, a new you. Although, realistically, it is just another day even if it another year.

I remember the days when January really meant a new year and now that I am older and in the working world I have come to realise that January is the way to catch up on what was unable to be completed in the previous year. It is also the month that lets you set up and prepare for the year ahead while deciding what it really is you wish to accomplish.

So for me, in my own way, I can only see February as the real start to the New Year. It is the month where you really look forward and tackle the year. You can bounce back from the spending of December and get back into an actual daily routine and find your groove.

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  1. On New Year’s Day, my boyfriend and I went out with his parents to a Chinese buffet, and next to the restaurant, there’s a Gym. I had never seen the Gym be so packed with people vigorously exercising. I commented to my boyfriend “I didn’t know gyms were opened on New Year’s Day.” He says “Well, why wouldn’t they be? Do you know how many people prioritize exercise as part of their New Year’s Resolution?”

    We returned roughly two weeks later at around the same time over the weekend, and there were only about 20 people in the Gym compared to the 80+ people we saw that day.

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    1. What your boyfriend said makes sense and he has a point. But yeah that is how it usually goes ‘\(-.-)/` The first two weeks of I went walking there were so many people and now I hardly see anyone. It is sad really.

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