5 Anime struggles for humanity

Happy Human Rights Day! In South Africa anyway (^^,) I see that on the 10th December there is a national human rights day but here in SA we celebrate it on  21 March and we are lucky enough to have it as a public holiday too.

So to celebrate in my anime loving way, here are five anime where the characters have had to fight for their right as humans.

1. Attack on Titan


One day Titans appeared and started devouring humans forcing the remainder of humanity behind giant walls. Now, struggling with survival while battling against the Titans, all in the hopes of reclaiming their world. Most of the fight is left up to unlikely heroes.

2. Bokurano


At first, thinking of it as nothing more than a game and then learning the truth, the group of kids are fighting to preserve the Earth while sacrificing their own lives.

3. Deadman Wonderland


 Exploited and used, there is a secret to the prison. Select prisoners are used for various reasons, mainly, human experimentation. They are seen as little more than animals and their codenames reflect this. The prisoners ban together and start to fight for their freedom and for their rights.

4. Sword Art Online


Most of the people trapped within the virtual world work together in hopes of defeating the game so that they may return to the real world and their real lives.

5. Tokyo Ghoul


While ghouls are not technically human, it is hard to deny that they have it rough. They are fighting for their very survival while hiding from those who are prejudice against them. They are fighting for the rights to be treated fairly and equally like humans.

What anime would you include in the above list?



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