AFAF: Naruto

This week I have had such a great reaction to the Anime Fan Art Friday and recieved quite a few submissions. I love you all for submitting and I really enjoyed each and every submission. So I am not going to waste any more time and going to dive straight into the art, which is why you are here.

Your submitted fan art for Naruto!

Naruto x Hinata

  • By Simone’ Bruger
  • You can find her on Instagram here



  • Multiple Submissions
  • By Carlos Corey Charm Klaasen
  • You can find him on YouTube here

Rock-lee and Itatchi

  • Multiple Submissions
  • By Angelo Mathekga

The Lonesome Uchiha

  • By Promise Kabuto Seete





  • By Mary
  • You can find her on Instagram here



  • By Yuna, the Proud Doughnut
  • You can find her here on Instagram or here on Twitter


  • Multiple Submissions
  • By  Ashveer Singh

Uchiha Clan

  • By  Mathapelo Zoë Bofelo
  • You can find her on Facebook here


Naruto & Pain

  • By  Roxanne Matthews


Those are some pretty awesome Fan Arts and I really enjoyed each and every one. Do you have your own Naruto Fan Art? Please share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag me (@AllAnimeMag) or use the tag #AnimeFanArtFriday so that I can see them and share them too! (^^,)

I suppose it is time to start planning ahead for next week’s fan art feature, that means it is time to reveal the theme.  The theme for next week is…*dramatic pause*…Tokyo Ghoul!


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