Ichigo deserve to be called Bichigo?

Episode 14 of Darling in the FranXX had a lot of fans up in arms over Ichigo’s behaviour towards both Zero Two and Hiro. The following explosion resulted in some rather harsh memes and quite a few ‘hate’ videos. Even if you go check the #Bitchigo on any of the socials, you can find a lot of people calling for the show to kill her.

What happened that got people so worked up?

Ichigo forced a separation between Hiro and Zero Two, going as far as getting the whole team in on it and making it so that the two could not meet. Then, while Zero Two leaves the squad and Hiro tries to run after her, Ichigo kisses Hiro and confesses to him making it so that he can not go after Zero Two.


Is her newfound nickname deserved?

I don’t feel that it is. Yes, the situation might have been better handled but considering it is a bunch of teens I can forgive what had happened. They are basically fifteen years old and going through puberty while shouldering a great responsibility. Basically, Ichigo thought she was doing what was best for Hiro. Even if she was a bit forceful.

Let’s hop back to episode 12 of Darling in the FranXX. In this episode, they have arrived at the Garden and are all having tests done. We also get introduced to the 9’s. After being asked how they had managed to tame Zero Two, Ichigo quickly speaks up saying that Zero Two was one of them.


After which the team go out and fight, with Zero Two going out of control and Hiro is forced to hold her back. Ichigo is also then cautioned that Zero Two is wearing a disguise and that she will never be able to coexist with them.


Ichigo also then happens to overhear the adults discussing Zero Two’s test results as well as Hiro’s. They mentioned the fact that if he carries on, he may longer be able to be called human.

We all know the reputation Zero Two has, and Ichigo had decided that she will not stop Hiro from piloting with her. However, all of this that has happened is making Ichigo once again worry and think about it. I mean, how would you feel, if you overheard all of that about someone you deeply care for?  Then not long afterwards she is scared and shocked by Zero Two’s behaviour. This is then followed up by what everyone had been warning about and Ichigo had been dreading, Zero Two almost kills Hiro.


Moving on to episode 14.

I don’t blame Ichigo for not allowing Zero Two to see Hiro. Think about it, Hiro almost died, because Zero Two tried to kill him. I think that thought was reasonable and logical. She is not separating them because of jealousy, she is not separating them because she hates Zero Two. No, she is doing what she thinks is best for Hiro. The team support the decision as well, even if hesitantly and reluctantly after they learn the truth. I am not saying that she is doing it purely based on logic. She is scared, hurt, angry and feeling guilty (she let him, pilot, despite her doubts) and Zero Two happens to be the cause for a lot of it as well as the perfect person to let her feelings out on.

I also understand why she stops Hiro from going to Zero Two. That is to help protect him from Zero Two. Ichigo had seen what Zero Two had done to the mirrors, knew she almost killed Hiro and knew that Hiro would forgive Zero Two. Not exactly a healthy situation. I’m just putting it out there. Ichigo knows nothing of their past together, nor does she know of their promises.


As for asking Zero Two to leave the team, I can also understand this. Without Hiro, she is just a wild card who will throw the team off balance. Plus, not long before this moment, Zero Two says quite clearly that she couldn’t care less about teammates. This had also been a team decision – so not all blame can rest with Ichigo. Yet as the team leader, she must voice the request.


Realising that Zero Two will be leaving, the team give in and allow her to meet Hiro. Only Hiro disappears making it seem like they had been lying to her. So, Zero two proceeds to beat them up rather than listen to them.


Seeing that Hiro was about to chase after Zero Two, Hiro did what she could to stop him. Now, I don’t know if her confession is genuine or not but I am hoping not. I view them more as siblings. 

After all of that, do you think that she deserves to be called Bichigo?


7 thoughts on “Ichigo deserve to be called Bichigo?

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  1. The anime showcases a great deal of thought and superb storywriting with this development. It highlights the very idea that these characters are just kids who have known nothing but combat for the entirety of their lives.

    Should she be called “bichigo?’ Hell no.

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  2. I agree that Ichigo should not be labeled Bichigo. She had feeling for Hiro long before there was a Zero Two rival for his heart. Ichigo was also softening toward her partner Goro after his confession in episode 9.
    Ichigo can not help but have a bias attitude toward Zero Two when Zero Two has become cold toward the team. Ichigo is unaware of the “tests” Zero Two endures that put her in this closed attitude.
    There are misunderstandings, misrepresentations, lack of knowledge, and deceit perpetrated by the adults. Why label Ichigo for following her heart? She was thinking of Hiro at first but desperation through caution to the wind to, in her mind, save the one she loves. I look forward to see what happens next.
    I agree with you. Well written.

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    1. Thank you and I agree with your summary as well. The next episode will be an interesting one I am sure. Hopefully, the whole bichigo hype gets more attention for the anime and not bring about a cancellation (-_-)

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    2. [There are misunderstandings, misrepresentations, lack of knowledge, and deceit perpetrated by people around them.]

      It’s easy for Humans to misunderstand others. I experienced these too. It needs hard work to talk with others so I could understand them. The more I talk, the more I understand them. But this can happen if people can open their minds too. I think this anime is really amazing. I was not interested robot anime much, but I start to change my mind.

      No one deserves to be called like that.

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