BTS ~ Singularity Lyrics

Not that long ago (well it does not feel that long) I discovered Kpop and soon I was delving into the deep dark depths of YouTube on the hunt for awesome songs and music videos. This also led to a 2am message storm with a friend as we discussed the crazy stuff we found and proceeded to send the links to one another as well as screenshots.

To cut a long story short, I eventually found BTS, which turned out to be a rather well-known group. Go figure… Fast forward a little I am also now a fan of their music but I’ll just put it out there, I am not an obsessive fan.

I got a comment on Twitter which led to a conversation about favourite BTS songs and Singularity came up. I had not heard of it until now so I had to search it up and have subsequently listened to it 5 times now.


First time I thought, meh. Then I listened to it again while actually reading the lyrics and then by the fourth time I was in love. So I just felt that I had to share it. I hope you enjoy it.

The Lyrics:

A sound of something breaking
I awake from sleep
A sound full of unfamiliarity
Try to cover my ears but can’t go to sleep
The pain in my throat gets worse
Try to cover it
I don’t have a voice
Today I hear that sound again
It’s ringing again, that sound
A crack again on this frozen lake
I dumped myself into the lake
I buried my voice for you
Over the winter lake, I was thrown
A thick ice has formed
In the dream, I shortly went into
My agonizing phantom pain is still the same
Have I lost myself
Or have I gained you
I suddenly run to the lake
There’s my face in it
Please don’t say anything
Reach my hand out to cover the mouth
But in the end, spring will come someday
The ice will melt and flow away
Tell me if my voice isn’t real
If I shouldn’t have thrown myself away
Tell me if even this pain isn’t real
What I was supposed to do back then

My favourite lines are  Tell me if my voice isn’t real and Try to cover my ears but can’t go to sleep. I just really enjoy them.

2018-05-07 (9).png

The song was sung by Kim Taehyung, a member of BTS. He also goes by the stage name V.  This video is apparently the Comeback Trailer for the new album that is coming out, LOVE YOURSELF: Tear. The album will be released on 18th May.

I thought the visuals were pretty cool and really powerful. I really loved how he put the mask on as opposed to taking it off. The camera angles offered some fun shots too.

*I typed the lyrics from the CC of the YouTube video so there might be errors

What do think of this song, Singularity?  (^^,)


Your thoughts?

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