Heya, I just wanted to take a moment to inform you of a couple things that have happened this week and to appologise for being delayed with a couple things and going quiet on all fronts.

~Quick heads up, this post is a bit rambly but I wrote as it all came to (my rather tired) mind.

Firstly, as most of you are aware by now I started All About Anime as a hobby of mine and I am currently more focused on blogging. The blog then spilled over into the social media domains and has since grown quite fast and steadily. For this I am really grateful to all of my followers and those who have really supported me. That is why whenever I fall behind or am delayed I tend to feel bad and then I panic and rush to complete posts which I am not fully happy with. This then leads to me obsessing over why anyone would bother looking at my shoddy content and then I start to question the entirety of what I am doing.

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Since there is only myself working on the blog and managing the social media profiles I can sometimes feel overwhelmed especially when real life gets real and demands a lot of my attention. Whether that is because of work or my personal life I tend to feel out of balance and sync. I enjoy interacting as much as I can with everyone and I try to spread my attention across all of the platforms while still maintaining balance between my ‘anime’ life and my ‘real’ life.

This week I have not had much time to post on the blog or on my social media accounts and while that does annoy me I am more concerned over the fact that I have just not had the time or energy to be as present and interactive as I usually am. Yet, it has not been just this week, but the past few weeks.

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I can feel that I am starting to wear myself out and I am reaching the point where I have so much I want to do that I do not know where to start. So I don’t do anything at all which then starts the cycle of, ‘I have not done anything in a while so I must do something but what do I do?’ Repeat.

I appologise for not posting the Anime Fan Art Friday today, I am honestly really tired and have not had the chance to do so. I shall do today’s fan art feature tomorrow. Sorry to everyone who has submitted their fan art for this feature. I really appreciate it! I honestly do feel like I have let you down by not doing the feature today. I hate not doing the features on time.

This week work really drained me as I was working at an expo. Meaning I was up earlier than normal and working later than normal. I was standing all day and interacting and talking to lots of people. It was both physically and mentally draining. When I eventually got home each day I would basically eat supper, shower and climb into bed. Then wake up, drive to work, go to the expo and come home. It has not been my most energetic week.  Today was the first day this entire week that I managed to actually watch an episode of anime and get in a few quick manga chapters.

Image may contain: Tessa Davies
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I found myself as an exhibitor at Africa Health of all places 😂 I am firmly of the opinion that you do not want to know what they do to you in theatre. There was so much there, including a full operation theatre, which had also been constructed. There were plenty of hospital beds, equipment and a few things I wish I had not seen 🙈 
I am also glad that it was only the three days since today I am now feeling brain dead…

I have started thinking about getting someone to help me manage my Facebook page. Yet I am hesitant to do so. All About Anime is my ‘baby’ and I am reluctant to let someone else put in their part. I want to sort out all of the anime images and place them in proper ‘albums’.  This is a work in progress and I am slowly getting the albums to where I want them to be. Yet I also feel that it would be better to help me sort out the page and get it to where I want it to be so that I can focus on my posting as well as actually managing to reply to all the comments, not just on Facebook but Twitter and Instagram as well.

I am in desperate need of  a routine and to once again find my feet and develop a schedule which I can comfortably work with. May has been one of those months where I was knocked down and now I need to get back up.

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I might keep a low profile for a short while and hopefully stock up on some decent quality posts and reviews and create decent content before I get back to my ‘normal’ posting. I just need to pull back on some things before I completely burn myself out.

I am hoping that June is a better month. Heck it would be great if I could get through it without another death. April saw my childhood friend die and May it was le boyfriend’s father who passed. So yeah, it has also been an emotional rollercoaster and I have just been trying to keep the normal in my life without going crazy from the emotional strain.

I shall end this here for now as I am seriously tired and I need to sleep. My eyes are heavy and burning and the laptop screen is starting to blur. This post started with the intent to let you know why I have not done today’s AFAF and turned into a mini mental tirade of a semi-stressed/over-emotional/exhausted anime blogger.

Well, tomorrow is another day and hopefully I can do what I actually have planned. Thanks for reading all the way to the end! Sorry if this post was all over the place!


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  1. It’s not easy balancing work, personal and online lives. I know it might not sound right but you need to be alil selfish once in a while and look after yourself, but it’s good that you still took the time to update your fans.
    And I’m sure you’ll find a way to manage all this, one step at a time 😉

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