At the beginning of this month I decided to host an anime themed INKtober on my social media platforms.  From the get go I knew I would be lining something special up for the participants. Now that discussions are done and the details have been finalised, I can finally say what the something special will be.

Throughout the month there have been some really amazing submissions for the daily themes and with each and every submission I have really come to appreciate the people who participate more and more.  So I am really happy that with the help of a certain someone (yes you Dylan) we were able to get in touch with the correct person over at Funko Pop!

Now I am so incredibly jealous and wish that I could be in line for this surprise! Yes, there are two Funko Pop! figurines up for grabs for two really lucky people!

How you could possibly get your hands on one of the above:

  1. You must participate in Anime INKtober and submit an inked image that you drew in line with the day’s theme. Each day’s theme submission counts as one entry.
  2. You must follow All About Anime on one of the social media platforms:
    1. Twitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Instagram
  3. You must reside in South Africa.

Yip, that’s all.

At the end of INKtober there will be a random draw to decide the winner of one of the above Funko Pop! figurines!

Now for those of you who have been participating this entire time and have submitted fan art for 15 days or more, you are already in the draw to win one of these two figurines. However, you will be in two random draws!

The first draw will be purely for those of you have submitted regularly. Plus the winner of this draw will get to choose which one of the two Funko Pop! figurines that they want.

If you did not win the first draw, then your entries will be added to the second draw for a second chance at winning the other of the Funko Pop! figurine!

For those of you who have yet to enter, there is still a chance to win a really epic figurine from Funko Pop! You still have until the 31st to submit your INKtober piece!

Image may contain: text

You can submit your INKtober piece by directly messaging me over which ever platform you are on, whether it’s the Facebook page messenger or Twitter’s DM’s etc…

I am really looking forward to the remainder of this month’s ink submissions!

Which figurine would you choose?

Zoro from One Piece or Todoroki from My Hero Academia?  


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