The First 5 – Double Decker! Doug and Kirill

The moment I first learnt about this anime I placed it on my watch list for the season. The write up just appealed to me. Although two of the episodes were out before I got around to watching it, I managed to watch it weekly after that.

Episode 1


The intro to the first episode was really good. I liked how they showed multiple characters before revealing the narrator.  I really want to learn more about the ‘eye-system’. I really enjoyed the seemingly chance and chaotic plot advancement. From looking for a cat to appearing naked in front of a perp.

“Don’t think; feel so good”  – one of the most random catchphrases I have ever heard but strangely it works

Episode 2


Our ‘Rookie’ is fired. Fighting for a chance to remain part of SEVEN-O he asks for a week to prove his worth and keep his job. Doug seems to go with the flow mostly. Running out of time a hint is bought and an investigation follows! Rookie is armed with a gun. But his tip turns out to be bust but is it? Doug sees more to the situation than what is let on. We learn more about why Doug and Kirill become cops.

“Time for your medicine” – another catchphrase I am not quite sure how to take…

Episode 3


A guy who reminds me of Bieber, from both his name and hair. Kirill once again makes a fool of himself. The duo becomes a trio on a case that is considered as ‘good training’. A plant sitter is found and sympathies are given. Kirill wants to deepen his bond with his partner. Out comes a camera as the trio interview the striking factory workers. Some guy with red teeth really needs to visit a dentist. Once again Doug sees something but says nothing. The trio split and Kiril decides to stay at the factory. Kirill starts feeling inferior to Dereck. Kiril also somehow ends up going a date not date. After the case is solved, Kirill gets a new gun.

Episode 4


Kirill misunderstands once again. A welcome party (missing half the members) for the two newbies. Instead of our usual duo we end up following the other newbie and her partner on a case.

Episode 5


We get a bit more to Kirill’s backstory. We start delving deeper into the underlying plot of the series, Esperanza. Doug and Kirill get taken to a prison to speak to a man looking to delay his death sentence. SEVEN-0 find themselves on a treasure hunt as they dig up a park and then explore an old building. A pretty dramatic and cool entrance by a bad guy. Seriously, that guy needs to get to the dentist ASAP. Doug does something uncool and Kirill lectures him. Things just go downhill from there. Doug opens up to Kirill a little.

Will I be sticking with it or dropping it? I plan to finish watching this anime completely. It has taken a quite a few unexpected turns and I am amazed at how I can relate to a number of the characters. It caught me off guard with the animation style and I love it! There are times where it is ‘comic-y’. Plus I still need to learn more about ‘eye-system’.

What are your thoughts on Double Decker! Doug and Kirill?


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