AYA: 9 December 2017

Ah, Saturday, the day where I can sleep in, relax and pretty much just chill around the house. Or rather, that is what it is meant to be like. Instead, I have woken up the crack of dawn (8am), kicked out of bed to let the dogs out for a pee. Then hounded by a seriously senior cat (20 years old guys)Β  who needs to be fed NOW and the dogs are barking outside for me to hurry and feed them as well. That is house one. Once the animals are fed, Jobby and I pack up most of our stuff to take home since the homeowners are back tomorrow.

Then it is onwards to house two, where three big dogs happily greet us. I go in fighting the puppy at the gate to get in the house while Jobby waits in the car. I then proceed with the second breakfast feeding of the day. It is a really good thing that I am an animal lover. Once I have finished rinsing the bowl and fighting with the puppy to once again lock the gate and climb back in the car can we finally head to my home.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-08 at 19.50.44.jpeg
House sitting season

Which even then I still can not just chill for the rest of the day. I went with my dad to the shops to buy lunch, and get some of my house sitting money. I had been eyeing out an artist figurine for a while now and I ran and got one for myself. When we got home I nagged my dad and boyfriend to remove the pole from its butt because I need it to be freestanding and the pole was just in my way. My mom has started with our Christmas decorations. To put it into perspective, we have five Christmas trees. So I was pulled into helping with that somewhat.Β  I also started a 7 day black and white photo challenge.

Nevermind, what I myself have planned for the day. Before I can start on my own stuff, I needed to cook lunch. Now that it is just after 2pm I can finally start on my day. So I shall be putting the final layer of chalk paint on the inside of my cupboard. Doing some of my college work stuff and then putting the rest of my energy into a couple blog posts and watching anime. Then it will be the reverse process of this morning to feed the hungry animals, then Jobby and myself.

After that, I shall be putting on my cleaning hat and cleaning the house to make it seem as if no living thing has been there. This is the point where I am sure Jobby wishes I had an off switch because I drag him into it too. Plus I still have the vague hope of possibly maybe exercising today.

Image result for Cleaning Levi


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