The First 5 – Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu

While I know boy’s love or rather Yaoi is not for everyone, I myself do read a lot of it. So when I discovered that one of the manga I had read and enjoyed previously was currently airing an anime, I decided to give it a go. I started watching it once it already had three episodes available so I was lucky enough to be able to binge the first few episodes.

Episode 1

A brief history of one of the two main characters quickly lets us know that he feels that he is ‘better’ than the colleagues around him. That, and that he works hard to remain ahead of the rest. His world is shaken up when he discovers that he is ranked second in the ‘man I most want to be hugged by‘ magazine ranking and that he shall be co-starring with the new number 1 who has also managed to take the role of the main character.  Junta idolises Takato and drags him off drinking after work. After waking naked in Junta’s bed and witnessing a recording of his drunken state, Takato assumes he will be blackmailed. Takato then asks, what does Junta want and that’s kinda where the wheels fall off. Takato manages to escape but once again finds himself in Junta’s apartment and on his bed. Junta confesses his feelings.

Episode 2

Takato has grown a tail known as Junta. Junta has earned the nickname Horny Angel. He is successfully drawn into Junta’s pace every day.  Until Junta starts avoiding Takato. After a conversation with the director, Takato starts to wonder if Junta has grown tired of him. Eventually, Takato confronts him about it. He decided to get revenge. So he takes the lead and forces a kiss. Seeing Takato cry was the undoing of Junta’s resolve. Turns out he had been sick and didn’t want to pass it on. A new nickname is born, Chunta.

Episode 3

The duo are out doing a location shoot. Junta joins Takato at the back of the bus as they head back.  Junta gets frisky and it upsets Takato at first.  Their series comes to an end. They do a joint interview followed by a photo shoot. Junta gets permission to still be involved with Takato. Junta wins the best actor award.

Episode 4

Takato is upset at being neglected thanks to Junta being really busy with work. That is, until he gets kidnapped once again by Junta. It was nice to see both of them being honest about their feelings. The obsession over how Takato was back in high school was slightly unsettling but that just shows how Junta is towards Takato.

Episode 5

The intro of a slimeball, oops I mean character, Ayagi. Takato is not impressed by his new co-star. Takato starts to contemplate the two of them living together. Ayagi starts to get captivated by Takato’s charm. Ayagi needs to be taught a serious lesson. What he does is just not cool and really disgusting. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Will I be sticking with it or dropping it? No doubt about it, I shall be completing this series. Just like I completed the manga.

What are your thoughts on Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu?


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