AYA: 25 December 2017

Today did not feel like Christmas and that made me feel slightly sad as if my childhood excitement was officially behind me. Last night was Christmas Eve and I just struggled to get into the Christmas spirit. What made the night for me were Jobby’s nephews (twins at the age of 4). They were so excited and hyped up, so overall just really really cute.

I was too scared to look at my car after the ‘white’ Christmas we had had last night. The hail storm had really come out of nowhere and even though I saw no dents last night I am sure there are some. The hail had been quite big. Just like I had feared there are hail dents on my car but not as bad as I had been expecting. Although I am worried about how much this is going to cost for me to repair…

Onto happier news…

My brother came round early (let’s call him Yaboku since he is obsessed with Yato, yea I spread the anime love (^^,) good times) so that we could do the Christmas morning together and it was really nice.

Jobby had wrapped a big box but filled it with newspaper, two bricks and three Christmas presents for Yaboku. So fighting with that box, after he opened it we gave him another big box. At least the second big box was not a gimmick and actually a big box for a reason.

Our lounge had been covered in wrapping paper and big boxes unlike we have had in quite a few years and the cats loved it. My dad has now declared that we may not buy anything next year that requires assembly. This year seemed to be the year of the chair as we as a family bought three computer chairs and two ottomans for each other. Rather ironic that we think quite so alike.

Then my brother got my dad a braai which we used to cook our Christmas lunch on and yes, first it required assembly so it was rather amusing to watch them build all Christmas morning.


While the guys were busy with assembly my mom had gone to pick up my gran and we had a really nice afternoon together where we kept reminding her that it was Christmas, the presents were for her and that she had got gifts for her friends and family. We also showed off what she had ‘gotten’ for us telling her that she had good taste. Then as per normal my mom, gran and I took selfies together. Lots and lots of selfies trying to get that one good image. This led to a multitude of laughs and giggles and plenty of blurry images.


I am glad I started taking these three generations one picture photos to help us remember and to share with my gran and family.


Your thoughts?

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