AYA: 1 January 2018

I was so close to saying 2017. Today as the first day of the year was not too bad but was a tad busier than what I had expected. I woke early to multiple alarms, turned them off and went back to sleep. Although, I had actually needed to wake up early to get back to my house so that Jobby could pack up his stuff, go home and start studying. Oops.

The poor guy is writing a supplementary on the 11th and had planned to start studying the 12 chapters needed today.  We only woke up around half 11, then made our way to my house. By the time he had packed up everything and eaten ‘lunch’, it was getting on for five o’clock. He also did his Overwatch ranking games with my dad which is why it took a while to get everything done.

While he was gaming away I challenged my chest of draws and did a major sort, rearrange and taming of them. The 6 draws took me over four hours to do and now I have one and a half empty draws when I had been struggling to even close them beforehand.

I have just ordered Del Forno for supper and am waiting for them to deliver. I am so glad I can just sit on my butt now and carry on with blog posts and do not need to cook. My feet are killing me. I did a lot of walking from my room to the bin outside today while sorting as well as stood the entire time I worked on my draws and then I went for a walk with my mom around 6pm. Today is day one of twenty-one as we try to build up the habit and routine of exercising. Yea, this summer has not been kind to our body images.

I just hope that we will be able to actually complete our 21 days and then continue after that. I also hope our feet recover quickly (^^,)

Walk to get fit TessaLDavies
My Mom and I 




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