AYA: 4 January 2018

Oh boy oh boy, what a day it has been today. A whole lot happened. We picked up my nana, my best friend came over for a braai and there were awesome gifts plus some exercise so overall a good day.

Yea, that was the really shortened version.

“I put it safe” this is a phrase you never, and I mean never want to hear being spoken by my nana. It simply means you will be spending hours searching for the specific it and most likely not be finding this item that is now safe. That is exactly what happened after my mother and I had spent ages doing shopping for groceries and dropping them off while also kidnapping my nana for the day. Safe to say we will still be searching for the next few days or possibly weeks for the item she has now put ‘safe’.

Image result for forgetful anime

However, while searching her house I was keeping an eye on the time as my best friend was coming over for a bring n braai at around two and we were already way past half 1. We had already rescheduled the braai before and I am due back at work on Monday so it was rather now or never. Plus I had already bought all the stuff we would need for the braai. So we called the search off for the day and went home where I quickly tidied up my bedroom which I had spent the past few weeks cleaning and sorting and also did the arrangement/layout at the bottom of the garden for our braai. Okay, I laid out three chairs and a small table…then got distracted with the food in the kitchen and sorting it out.

I was so happy when they arrived and naturally, we had to do the present swap since we had not seen each other for a while.  I was really spoiled and really reminded how much my best friend really understands who I am and how my mind works. She got me elf ears! So far this is a real highlight of my year even though we are only on the 4th.


I am glad to say that my bestie’s boyfriend handled the fire making as well as the braai itself since we were too busy swimming with her little sister and were rather distracted. The water was freezing but lil sis had been begging to swim in my pool for years and she met her end of the bargain plus swimming with her was rather fun. It has been so long since I was last in a pool and my limbs kind of did their own thing and hardly listened to me… It really was a blast and very splashy.


After swimming and eating, we got dressed and it being 6pm it was time for my evening walk. I am currently busy with a 21-day challenge of walking 3km every day for 21 days. Today is day 4 so the four of us (ironic ^^,) went for a walk and then spent some time at the local park playing and just having a genuinely good time.


Overall it was a really good day and now I am looking forward to putting together a couple blog posts and then binge-watching anime until the wee hours of the morning. I gotta enjoy these last few days of my precious hard-earned vaycay.




Your thoughts?

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