The First 5 – Dororo

I spotted Dororo as part of the line up for this season and decided to watch it. The premise seemed to tick the boxes of the kind of stories I enjoy. I was just hoping that it would not be a total let down. Below are my first 5 impressions of Dororo.

Episode 1

A dying monks words thanking his killer and offer a final plea. I found that his words carried some real-world truths in them.  This guy is going to get the dad of the year award I can tell. I truly admire the mom for still wanting to hold onto her child and love him. I like how they clearly start that 16 years have passed. I think I am going to like Dororo, he is rather spritely. I enjoyed the first episode and the introduction of the characters.

Episode 2

The blind guy who had ignored the cursed baby all those years ago, he kinda weirds me out. Dororo has started travelling with our cursed boy and seems to be trying to help, which is sweet to see. Building a somewhat relationship between them, or trying too. I was surprised by the creature with the bell but suspected something was up since the blind guy saw him as green and left him be. The village aroused instant suspicion. I was so glad that we finally have a name for our boy, Hyakkimaru.

Episode 3

A sudden switch to new (?) characters. Dr Jukai seems to have a conflicted story. Seems to be the doctor who was giving the dead prosthetics in the first episode.  Just like I had pretty much guessed, the doc found baby Hyakkimaru.  The father is really an awful person, although makes sense why he would have an heir so soon after everything. It was so cute to seeHyakkimaru as a young boy running around and playing. Watching his toes grow back was fascinating and kinda gross. I have come to respect the doc.

Episode 4

Yay, an episode dedicated to a sword! A group of massacred victims and a human enemy made for an interesting intro. I liked how quickly we got into the action with this one. I found myself yelling at Dororo for picking up the sword. Why would he do that after hearing that it was a cursed blade? I was slightly nervous when Hyakkimaru started attacking Dororo. The sword fights throughout the episode were pretty cool. I thought it was sad that the first sound that he really hears is that of a woman crying.

Episode 5

My heart broke for Hyakkimaru, the adjusting to sound must have been hard since it is basically his second sensory to come back but exposed him more to the world than just his sense of touch and feel. Watching Hyakkimaru fight the first demon was painful. I was kinda glad to see the blind priest back with the duo, which surprised me.  I was glad to finally see the girl from the intro song. As soon as I heard she was serving the men in the ‘army’ I knew exactly what that meant and my respect for her soared while my heart bled. Doing all of that just to support the kids around her, such desperation and such strength. I look forward to more of her character development and story. It was cute watching Hyakkimaru’s fascination with her singing. I worried with Hyakkimaru fighting while injured and yes he got his voice back, but at what cost?

Will I be sticking with it or dropping it? Without a doubt, I will be continuing with Dororo. I want to see how the story will progress and conclude. I am resisting the urge to find the manga and read ahead.

What are your thoughts on Dororo?


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