The First 5 – Meiji Tokyo Renka

I picked Meiji Tokyo Renka up on a whim. It looked like it could be a fun reverse harem. So many hot guys and a time travel twist with ‘ghosts’. Overall, it piqued my interest so without much expectation I got my hands on the first episode and knew that I would be in it for at least five episodes.

Episode 1

The ability to see and speak with ghosts has led to Mei-chan being gossiped about and isolated. I found it strange how she willingly joins the magic show just because the guy asks her to.  The guys are good looking and I am getting a distinct reverse harem vibe and it kind of reminds me of an otome game. I loved the fact her phone died and no longer works. The story progression was a tad off but on the whole alright. I want to learn more about the Tamayori. The announcement of fiancee was really surprising and I hope it’s just an excuse to get out of the current trouble and won’t be ‘cemented‘ for the upcoming episodes.

Episode 2

I loved the fact that she woke up with bed hair. I also enjoyed that they gave us a recap on how she ended up at Mari Ougai’s mansion. Also still hoping the fiance thing is just a running gag. I was relieved that she did not blend in right away and actually needed to learn things like the difference in money value and how to wear the clothing. I really appreciated that knowledge gap. I really want to know what Mari and the magician are up to. I am suspicious and I do feel there is something else going on.

Episode 3

The search for a spirit cat leads to the involvement of a mystery with a poltergeist. The coincidence was a bit odd but I suppose they need a ‘natural’ way to mix the stories and characters. Yakumo Koizumi is an oddball but I like him.  His ‘back story’ was interesting and explained his fascination with ghosts. Mei is an official meddler. Mari Ougai is confusing me. I really wanna know what is his story and deal is.

Episode 4

Another finance reference. I am really hoping that it is not serious. It was cute to see the two actually spend time together. The interpretation of Shakespeare was interesting though. Plus how dense can she be? Clearly, she is a he.

Episode 5

Learning proper manners from a Geisha. Interesting choice. Made even more amusing by being taught by a man pretending to be a woman.  She really is a dense one. So much so that I am baffled and worry for her. It’s amusing to see her pull others into her antics and make friends along the way, but honestly, she has no idea what she is getting herself into.

Will I be sticking with it or dropping it? I will most probably keep watching it out of curiosity but I don’t have a desperate need to know what happens next. Basically, it’s more mild curiosity. I now want to go research these past figures and see what comes up and if I shall learn anything new.

What are your thoughts on Meiji Tokyo Renka?


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