The First 5 – The Rising of the Shield Hero

When I learnt that Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari a.k.a The Rising of the Shield Hero was getting an anime adaptation I was so excited. I immediately bookmarked it and noted the release date in my calendar. Just so that I would not miss the airing of the first episode.  Here are my impressions on the first five episodes of the series.

Episode 1

The first episode covered a lot more of the story than I thought it would. With a nice long release, we got through what I thought would take two or three episodes to get through. It was great to see the characters come to life and I enjoyed the adaptation from the manga.

Episode 2

Naofumi buying a slave made complete sense considering all things. I also approved of the way that he treated her, yes it was cruel, but he was cruel to be kind.

Episode 3

Wow, Raphtalia grew up quickly and pretty cool how the shield’s abilities are greatly expanding. Yaaas a raid! We finally get to see what all the fuss is about! It was good to see how well the two of them work as a team and felt great to see him get some recognition.

Episode 4

The celebration opening was really awkward. I felt bad for Naofumi and quite impressed that he actually showed up. The forced duel was interesting to watch. It hurt to watch them forcefully remover Raphtalia’s slave contract but the end of the episode was really touching. I can’t wait to see Myne’s comeuppance.

Episode 5

Oooh, a new person is spying on our duo. Having the slave crest redone was an interesting move by Raphtalia. Enforcing that she trusts Naofumi completely and that he can trust her. I didn’t really take Naofumi as a gambling man and boy, did his gamble pay off. Turning their duo into a trio. The added information and depth given to the world in this episode was a welcome treat. The race against the Spear Hero was just really petty and I am really over Myne’s games.

Will I be sticking with it or dropping it? I will be sticking with the Shield Hero and I can’t wait to see the future antics and characters.

What are your thoughts on The Rising of the Shield Hero?


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  1. I’m really enjoying shield so far. Shields in general are only seen as an armament, however the author did a nice job of having the shield have multiple abilities. Which is not seen anywhere else.

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