The First 5 – The Promised Neverland

Yakusoku no Neverland is also known as The Promised Neverland. This anime has been on my radar from the first moment I heard about it. I even went to source the trailer so I could get a better feel for it. I had to restrain myself from picking up the manga and binge reading. I am waiting for the anime to complete its airing and then I shall devour the manga.

Below are my quick impressions of the first five episodes in the series.

Episode 1

The lil beans are incredibly cute! I love their smiles and the way they interact with one another. I was really impressed with how talented the children are with their intellects and physical abilities. When I first saw mom I thought she was creepy. I really enjoyed the animation styling, pacing and overall feel of the anime. I managed to pick up on the tone immediately. I knew what type of story this was going to be from almost the first moment all the way through which was brilliant. Poor Conny, we all knew things were not quite what they seemed.

Episode 2

Poor Emma having a nightmare over their discovery makes complete sense. Also, love the visuals. Mama deserves an Oscar for her acting. So glad we got an explanation of their ‘grading’ system of quality.  Their ‘game’ is intense! Crazy how Mama gets into their heads. These kids are amazingly smart and resourceful. The story pacing in this episode is brilliant! I was wondering when they would get Ray involved. He seems to know something.  Norman’s confession is so cute!

Episode 3

Seeing the dynamics in the orphanage change due to Sister Korone’s arrival was interesting. Especially seeing how Mama and Sister interacted together. Plus it became clear that Mama is bending a couple rules. The sister is weird. Emma looking for the tracker was an interesting scene. Hmm, seems like the trio has been saved for something specific. I would never survive in their game of tag. The idea of an unknowing ‘spy’ is somewhat unsettling

Episode 4

Strangely, I love how in control Mama is and how she keeps the kids and the Sister in check. The kids are finally starting to include others, Don and Gilda. These kids are scary smart but I love the way they turn their training into play. I think their plan is a tad too rushed, only ten days left? I was kinda annoyed at the lies that they told to Don and Gilda but I understand why. Trying to ferret out the potential spy was interesting to see. I really enjoyed the exploration and development of these two ‘new’ comrades. The ending twist floored me!

Episode 5

How did the conversation take this turn? It’s amazing what Norman is willing to do for Emma. Ray is one of my fave characters so I want the full back story. I really don’t like how they are now trying to outmanoeuvre each other. I feel really bad for Ray, he really went through a lot. I am amazed Norman and Ray’s discussion actually lasted half of the episode. I suppose that just shows how meaningful this bit is. I am not surprised that the kids are having nightmares. Emma really adds the ‘light‘ that this series needs. Without her, it would be too much. The introduction of a secret room was pretty cool. A  lot happened in just 10 minutes. I wonder what Don and Gilda saw at the end?

Will I be sticking with The Promised Neverland or dropping it? I will never drop this anime, no matter how many episodes or seasons this turns out to be. I was so curious I ended up reading ahead with the manga and binged it and read every chapter in one go. I have a problem, I know. I really want to see how it will all be adapted from the manga into the anime.

What are your thoughts on Yakusoku no Neverland?


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  1. I’ve been enjoying this so far. I do feel that a lot of the tone and atmosphere from the first couple of episodes has thinned recently, but I’m still pretty intrigued with where this is going and hopefully after the mid-season it picks up again.


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