AYA: 6 April 18

It has been a while since I last sat down and typed up one of these ‘A Year Ago’ posts. I have thought of writing one and then life would catch up and before I knew it the day would have passed and I would feel slightly disappointed. So today’s AYA is going to be a mini recap of what has happened since the previous one and will also include today’s shenanigans.

The past few weeks and months have been stressful and emotional. We took the plunge and moved my nana from her cottage to the frail care building at her retirement village. We basically decided that it was happening on the Tuesday and the Friday we were moving her. We knew it was coming but the dates had still been up in the air until that point. We hauled her furniture to her new room all without her really knowing. She was staying by her sister during the moving process. It would have been too stressful for both her and us if she had been there. We had informed her that she would be moving but she does not really understand why. However to make it all the more challenging, we moved her from a two bedroom place into a single room. Not a one room place, a single room. We have to keep telling her that she is not in hospital and that if she was, she would not be allowed her own furniture.


So that now means that the stuff that was in my nan’s place is now in our storage-space challenged house. Currently my room has two queen sized beds, standalone shelf, chest of draws, two bookshelves and my computer all crammed into it. Yeah, that is just my room, leaving out the rest of the house.


The images show my room at the moment. A few weeks in and I am still sorting and making space for everything. I have turned my monitor on the pc stand because I am currently busy on my pc but my shoulders and back have been hurting for a while so I decided to continue from my bed.

Then on the 22nd March I had had enough and took my car to the mechanic. For roughly a month or so I noticed my car had been going through more than double the amount of petrol compared to what she normally consumes. This was alarming since I could not smell any petrol at all. I also knew her brakes needed seeing to so I was left with very little choice.

There is little that can express the pain of forking out 6K on your car vs the joy of getting her back and feeling like a new driver again. I giggled quite a bit on my drive home as I had to readjust to my new clutch, brakes and tightened accelerator. Oh yippie. That was until I started to hear a funny noise from my engine when I was about 10 minutes away from home. Not good.

I switched cars with le boyfriend who was following behind me on our way home so that he could test drive her. I was not sure if I was being neurotic or if there genuinely was an issue. Turns out I was not being neurotic and that my brake lights are on while I drive. Cue the annoyance. So  we pop the bonnet and water spewed out of the engine like a geyser. I quickly switched off my car ran around to have a look, only to see that my water cap is securely on. Crap. Thankfully that was a matter of the cap being placed on skew. So I took my car back to the people where they insist they could not hear any noise but did keep her overnight to do a full check…

Pst, note to self – It has been over a year, have you had the car serviced at all? Plus have you saved up for your shocks? It is also probably time to do those now since they were at a shocking state currently. Oh yeah, is the speedometer still serenading you, or did you finally crack and get the cluster sorted? It only broke July 2016….

I spent a week at le boyfriend’s place while his mom was down in Cape Town for business. I eventually threw a hissy fit over being forced to sit on the bed or lie down constantly because there was nowhere else for me to sit in his room. So he made space for me at his desk. That is how I know he cares. He actually gave me the chair he was using (because the other would not fit behind the door) and a laptop width of space on the desk. That is what you call true love, lol. He is currently hooked on Sea of Thieves and has decided that he can not play the free version of Fortnite anymore because of ‘trolls’. I shall insist on more desk space next time 😀


Then onwards to what has happened today. In reality, nothing has actually happened so I have used this chance to start planning ahead a little. This happens every now and again where I set out a daily schedule that I basically never actually stick to but have every intent of doing so. Yet life never goes quite according to plan does it?

So, as I read this and knowing myself I shall be chuckling at this point and nodding along. I have finally reached the point where if I catch up on the work I need to do, I shall be ready come Monday morning to work only at work, which will clear up my evenings and weekends to do what I want to do. At this point I am probably laughing.

I am currently taking part in my fourth 21 day challenge with today being day 3. It is the challenge where I learn something everyday. This is the forerunner to the challenge where I attend a webinar everyday.

I have not exercised in 22 days and we have basically lived on takeaway for a month, which I also somehow managed to loose 5Kg’s. The past few months have been rough, so I am looking forward to some structure and normality. I hope I can actually get that right.



Your thoughts?

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