Love Like Cherry Blossoms

Not the typical but a typical romance webcomic! All the mushy feelings with a tad of confusion here and there and of course, a lot of blushing and sweet moments.

  • Author: SNCE
  • Type: WebComic
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Chapters: 86
  • Status: Completed
  • Anime adaptation: no
  • You can read it on WebComics here
  • I know it can also be found under the title, Love is Cherry Pink

About Love Like Cherry Blossoms:

He knows her secret and she knows his. To keep their secrets they make a deal. They should be strangers after that but he offers to help her successfully confess to her crush. True to his word she starts getting closer and closer to having her feelings realised, all the while slowly getting use to this sudden annoying guy in her life. What is his goal really?

My Thoughts on Love Like Cherry Blossoms:

I really enjoyed the fact that there was no scheming girl out to bring down the heroine and make the main love interest hers. I was even happier that the story took some interesting turns and that there had been a natural progression in the character relationships.  While there were some low-key romance backhanded movements they were basically instantly revealed and didn’t directly influence the trajectory of what was happening. There was none of the troupe bullying or simple vicious and nastiness that I have seen in similar reads.

The characters are really well balanced and fleshed out.  They really make the story feel ‘real‘, well as much as a fictional story can. The body language conveyed so much, at times even more than the facial expressions and for this, my enjoyment of the series was so much more. It felt more natural and sometimes somewhat left up to you as the reader to interpret what the character could be feeling in that situation, rather than just telling you.

The narration at of the story took a moment to adjust to, but that is mainly because I usually read fast-paced or action styled stories. So this was a nice taste break for myself. While the art started off a tad dullish on the colour side, it didn’t stay that way long and quickly kicked it up into high gear and became the stunning piece of work that it is.

While most of the end coupling was pretty much obvious, it was really great watching them get to that point. I liked following their daily lives finding the balance and discovering the answers as well as a way that works for them. I still can’t believe the time I read, covered three years of their lives. The story never felt rushed and no part felt overdrawn, it was a natural and steady progression all the way through.

I also really appreciated the way this one was wrapped up, with a quick brief one-liner into the lives of some of the characters we had met. Nothing too in-depth and not really perfect, but just showing us a glimpse of how everyone was getting on with their lives.

Favourite Character:

Yes, he is my fave character of the series, and not because of this ab shot. No, he is my fave because he genuinely respects his partner and her wishes. He honestly loves and cares for her and he is just such a sweetie (well to her anyway). The way he looks after her and cares for her is why he quickly became a fave character for me.

My only complaint about this series is that we don’t get more time with the couples in their adult years, we don’t really get to see them navigate the transition from teens to college students and then to freewheeling it through adult life. I would have honestly liked to have seen that.

Would you read Love Like Cherry Blossoms? Have you read it? 

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