My very first ComicEx!

Oh wow how quickly the time flies. I can not believe ComicEx has now already come and gone.

ComicEx offers sci-fi, gadgets, tech, comics, movies, gaming, cosplay, Parkour, live entertainment, music, dance, magic and so much more. ComicEx presents a diverse range of exhibitors, artists, stage performers and competitions.

They aim to be a geeky experience the whole family can enjoy.

Saturday at ComicEx

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and shoes

I drove through with my brother on Saturday morning and was a tad confused on where to go. I had never before been to the casino, which is across the road from the theme park. A small part of me wishes ComicEx had been held at the theme park but the rational side of me knows, that would have just been chaotic.

My first impression on arrival was, is that it? My brother and I had done a quick walkthrough of both levels and looked at each other and wondered, now what? The power was off for a time to sections so there was no electricity for the PlayStation stand and our friends had yet to arrive. In all honesty, Saturday was a very quiet day. If you wanted to do anything or see anything, you had practically as much time and space to do so.

Once we had gotten past our initial impression of the event and actually did a proper second walkthrough, we started to change our thoughts and feelings. While it was not as crowded as other events, it gave a chance to connect with the vendors. Plus, the second walkthrough showed me just how much I had missed on the first one.

Then our con going friends arrived and the conversation began to flow, followed by lots of laughter. I had gotten distracted and had failed to capture many photos of the cosplayers but I did get some nice shots of the stalls and I managed to connect with a couple of the people running them.

I just wish I had worn a thicker jacket. The wind was channelled through the parking lot often leaving me shivering wherever I stood.  I enjoyed the geek-themed food but as always, found the convention food prices a tad on the high-side. Or perhaps I am just stingy/frugal?

No photo description available. No photo description available.

Sunday at ComicEx

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and stripes Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

On Sunday I realised just how many fibre stands there were, with each of them ‘competing’ to get your attention. I also took some time to go through the stands again and look for differences from Saturday’s stuff.

I actually remembered to hunt down the cosplayers and get photos of them! Progress! I had found them outside the event in the middle of a photo shoot.  I happily chatted and defrosted out in the sun as they each took their turn.

I managed to find some anime merch and really wanted to purchase the Dragonball Z shoulder bag and make it my new convention bag. However, I had to leave it as my budget had not taken a new bag into account.

I had a fun time walking around with le boyfriend and my convention friends. I purchased a Squirtle artwork to add to my bedroom walls.

Image may contain: 2 people No photo description available.

I regret not invading the jumping castle section and going on every single one that they had. Plus, not participating with the nerf gun zone, was definitely a missed opportunity.

Overall, was it worth the R100 entry?

I had fun and there was quite a number of things to do and see. I would say that it was worth the entry and the trip. All of the activities in the event were free to enjoy and all you had to pay for afterwards was your food and drink. That, and obviously you had to pay for your merch too.

I just need to add that the event MC was really good, I have no idea how he did not run out of things to say!

Click here if you would like to see more photos from ComicEx


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  1. Kinda forgot to mention it was at Gold Reef hehe (or did I read this incorrectly?)
    But great article and sorry we were so late! Next time we’ll be on time 😅


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