The First 5 – Joshikausei

Joshikausei, diving straight into a different type of anime to what I am used to. Below are my initial impressions of the first five episodes of Joshikausei and whether I shall be continuing with the series or if I shall be dropping it.

Episode 1

What the heck am I watching? Uh, playing with her legs while she chills on the school desks…weird but okay. The mosquito scene, I feel the pain. Wait that’s it?

Episode 2

A day full of bad luck and great friends. I still can’t believe not a single word has been spoken yet and that the episodes are only three minutes long!

Episode 3

She is an innocent bean! I am so glad he had the common sense to turn the gum down.

Episode 4

Ah, I like her friends, they share even though she doesn’t have money. Plus, they all joined in on the origami madness that ensued.

Episode 5

I question the camera angles for this anime. It makes me remember the first anime where I really questioned what type of anime I was watching. Honestly, I feel that the ‘fan service’ angles are not needed for the narrative and duration of these episodes

Will I be sticking with Joshikausei or dropping it? Joshikausei is nothing like what I had thought it would be. For one I never thought that the episodes would be under four minutes each. Much like Amazing Stranger, if I had all of the episodes in one go, I would probably binge this. However, I am not sure if I shall be going out of my way each week to watch the next episode. I enjoy the method of storytelling and find the friendship these girls share precious.

What are your thoughts on Joshikausei?


Your thoughts?

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