There is nothing warm about Warm Wedding

Warm Wedding just makes me so angry but I can’t stop reading it. Help!  In the synopsis below, I beefed up what they say this is about, and put exactly what this is about. I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, but boy was I wrong.

About Warm Wedding:

Charlotte, although forced to marry into the Fan family, decides she is going to make the most of it. She marries Shine Fan, who had been seriously burnt and is now isolated in special care. Without ever meeting or seeing her husband, she decides to be the best wife she can be. However, Ron Fan is acting strangely towards her and it is not appropriate as her brother-in-law. What should she do when she tries to be a good wife but is pushed away and forced by others to get much to close to her brother-in-law?

My Thoughts:

The mental and emotional strain and abuse that they are putting our poor main character through is driving me up the wall. Not revealing the fact that she has actually not married whom she believes she has is already the first flag of irritation for me.

The second would be that her actual husband still intends for her to act like a ‘proper’ wife while he is pretending to be her brother-in-law. Going so far to get angry and having outbursts when he has these expectations, and she refuses because, to her, she is not his wife.

The third irritation for me is the staff, they know the truth and keep pushing her towards her actual husband. I understand that they have been told to keep the secret and all that, but they can see what this poor girl is going through. Surely, they could at the very least drop hints. Plus the fact they view it as the ‘master is teasing his bride‘ is severely undermining how cruel and harmful what they are doing really is.

Another bone of contention is the real brother-in-law, the ‘stand-in husband’. He forced his brother to get married, went so far as to choose the wife and plays along with his brother’s lie. Then because the newly wedded wife is not doing her “wifely duties” in the bedroom, nor are the newlyweds being lovey-dovey enough, he schemes to force the situation and places the new couple in an extremely precarious situation. A situation that leaves her feeling so guilty, confused and down.

The above complaints are only the tip of the iceberg of my irritation with this story. I am waiting for the chapter where she learns the truth. We are 114 chapters in and she has literally only now started to suspect something is ‘suspicious’. I am hoping that the reveal chapter will show a massive sense of betrayal, hurt and anger. I want the main love interest to have to work so friggen hard to earn her forgiveness and then properly court her. I also want to have that mixed feeling of relief on her side as well as she realises that she has absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

Honestly, I want to see her divorce the scummy husband and walk away from the entire abusive household for good. Nothing can make what they are doing to her okay. Nothing will excuse their actions.

But, I know this genre and style well enough to know all will be forgiven with a few apologies and she will be a typical mc who will quickly forgive everything and move on with no real lingering consequences. They will be madly in love and live happily ever after.

Overall, I really pity her. She doesn’t really have anyone on her side and she is being boxed in from all sides. There are so many lies, half-truths and secrets that it already started out as a mental bomb waiting to happen. Then taking into the fact that okay, maybe the husband did not trust his new wife (since they were complete strangers) and that he wanted to see her true character, the first few days of secrecy are somewhat forgivable. However, the things that happened while he is her ‘brother-in-law‘ and the sheer amount of time they carry on with the farce quickly make me lose any positive feeling or links with the main love interest. So all I am left with is seeing the abusive and toxic relationship for what it is and wishing she would escape and knowing deep down, that she won’t.

I have enjoyed the art style and the story, on the whole, is actually pretty good. Plus the English translation has been good without quirky interpretations. The concept is interesting and I know I will continue reading every chapter that comes out, waiting to see, what will she do?

Will you read Warm Wedding or have you already read it? 


2 thoughts on “There is nothing warm about Warm Wedding

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  1. I am reading this now and i went online to see if anyone else has the same opinions as me. And we feelt he same way. All the points you’ve mentioned plus the fact that she can be considered a rape victim. No matter what, no means no. Even in a marriage, there is succh a thing as rape. All the characters are dumb, and situations are too contrived.

    And i just don’t understand how the female character could still have this moments where she’s falling for the “brother-in-law”. It’s one of the dumbest manhwa I’ve ever read.

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