Lubbock, a Creative and Cunning Assassin

This post is a simple and look at who Lubbock was as a character in the anime, Akame Ga Kill. I have kept the character description as spoiler free as I could. 

  • Name: Lubbock
  • Teigu: Cross Tail
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Team: Night Raid
  • Age: 17
  • Anime: Akame Ga Kill


Akame ga Kill_lubbock_allanimemag

Lubbock was a young man with shoulder-length green hair that covers his left eye, green eyes and red goggles on top of his head. He wore a long green, almost trenchcoat jacket with a fur-trimmed hood over a white and red ringer shirt and blue jeans with brown shoes. He was occasionally seen wearing a long black coat. When in battle, he wore his Teigu (Cross Tail) on his hands.



Lubbock is an easy going character who tended to be a pervert from time to time, including trying to peep on Leone while she was bathing. Despite this, he was careful not to let this get in the way of battle when fighting females. His playful and optimistic nature showed even during fights, and he would often tease his enemies and brag about his abilities. However, he was aware of his ability level. He was always ready to flee if he had too much of a disadvantage in battle.

He was incredibly loyal to Night Raid as he refused to betray them even after being tortured by Syura, claiming that his love for Najenda helped him withstand any pain.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Lubbock Akame Ga Kill String User Anime

Lubbock uses a wire Teigu named “Infinite Uses: Cross Tail“, which proved very powerful and had many uses, including offensive and defensive techniques. He was very resourceful and a great tactician who tended to plan several moves ahead of his enemies and would adapt well to a given situation even as it changes, such as when he alone killed two of the Four Rakshasa Demons, a group noted for killing Teigu users themselves. He was shown to be good at tricking enemies and distracting them;

Despite mostly relying on tricks in order to defeat enemies with physical advantage in size and strength, Lubbock was also proficient at hand to hand combat. He is able to dismantle an Empire guard. Lubbock’s extremely skilled in faking his death. He claims that this is his ultimate technique. He has used multiple times to ambush or escape enemies.

Lubbock claimed that he got many of the ideas on how to use his threads from the manga sold in a bookstore he owned.

Lubbock is Voiced by:

  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in the original Japanese (subbed) version
  • Tyler Galindo in the English (dubbed) version


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