Bleach: Starter

My brain is too tired to come up with an intro, so let us just dive straight into the quick break down of what goes on in Bleach’s manga chapter two.

Awoken by an overly physical father, Ichigo sees the patch job of their place and learns that his family is uninjured and that they believe a truck has run into their house. Despite all this, life carries on and a broad is daydreaming about Ichigo and he manages to make it to school for the third period.

Once in class, he meets the new girl who threatens him because they kinda already know each other. That and they have certain secrets to keep. Rukia quickly gives the rundown of she can’t go home because he took all her powers and now, he needs to do her job.

Understandably he rejects her pretty crummy offer but she is not going to back down. She forces him out of his body and takes him on a stroll to a local park. Here she tries to enforce her ideals on him and he must either accept them or watch a poor kid get eaten by a hollow.


He calls bull and throws his ideals back at her and charges in to save the kid from becoming lunch. However, since he is not complete scum, he does give in and agrees to help her with her job.


Your thoughts?

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