Bleach: Head-Hittin

I realise I am not taking these breakdowns too seriously. I am approaching this lightheartedly for a few reasons. Namely because those reading this are like myself, enjoying the nostalgia while knowing exactly what is going on without me having to delve into it.

Then for those new to Bleach (my heart both breaks and rejoices) welcome! The brief look at the manga are enough for developing interest, seeing what it’s about all while keeping it somewhat spoiler free. Even though this series is on the older side and the ‘spoiler’ warning time frames have long since expired.

Chapter three starts straight away with a scary story as Rukia brushes off some weird speech patterns and Ichigo is training to become a reaper. Realising Ichigo is doing the wrong thing while training, Rukia explains the weaknesses of Hollows to him and why he must only hit the ‘heads’.

Orihime happens to recognise him from afar and approaches the duo. Rukia displays her split personality as Ichigo quickly reminds her they are classmates. The reality and severity of Orihime’s airheadedness is made apparent.

Rukia finds the bruises suspicious and Orihime’s tragic past is revealed and Rukia goes home. Some clothing goes missing and Ichigo discovers where Rukia has been living all this time.

Saved in the nick of time, Ichigo is forced to face off against another Hollow. Failing to kill it in one go, a shocking fact is revealed. Hidden underneath the mask is a familiar face.

* Side note, I realised, Rukia is a really bad trainer. She didn’t really teach him about soul reapers nor did she really help him learn to use his body well…Well, I am comparing her to the likes of Urahara…


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