Bleach: Why Do You Eat It

This is going to be a really quick one as my hands are cold and it’s painful and hard to type. In the fourth chapter, the shocking truth is revealed but before Ichigo can even take it all in, Rukia drops another bombshell.

Orihime’s delusions are out of control and I am loving the advice Tatsuki is giving. Completely inappropriate but so friggen funny. Enraku falls down and Orihime gets shishkebabed. While racing to save Orihime, Ichigo gets a crash course on what order hollows eat souls and why.

While Ichigo and Rukia take their sweet time, Tatsuki is being turned into a pancake by a snake-like hollow and Orihime is having an out of body experience. Orihime accidentally insults the hollow and Ichigo finally arrives and calls himself food.

*Side note, is there a word for what you would call someone who eats their own family? I tried to Google it and nothing came up. I am both glad and disappointed. Glad cause it means this is not a thing or at least not occurring often enough to be ‘Googlified’. Disappointed because I couldn’t learn a new and interesting word to use to describe the brother…

*Side, side note, I wonder if searching for the word for a person who eats their family put me on any watch lists…these are the thoughts I have that randomly distract me throughout the day.


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  1. I know ‘familicide’ is to kill more than one member of one’s family. I suppose ‘cannibalistic familicide’ is about as close as you could get to a word (even though it’s a phrase) that describes the act of killing and then eating one’s family members?

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