3 Favourite Frankenstein’s

30 August is Frankenstein day! Frankenstein is such an iconic name even making its way into anime and manga. It has reached a status that upon hearing the name you already have a clear picture of a character in mind long before you actually get a clear character breakdown or visual. Much like Sebastion is an iconic name for butlers and has even become a gag on occasion with butler-like characters chirping up that their name is not Sebastion.

Below are two true blue Frankensteins and then one which I take as Frankenstein because he may as well be.


My first favourite is none other than Frankenstein from the webtoon Noblesse. I was instantly hooked on this blonde character from the very first panel of his appearance. Then I learnt more about him and the more I came to like him. He was loyal, intelligent, charismatic and a tiny bit insane. Then he would use his power and abilities and the tiny bit of insanity would become full-blown psycho!  He really is one of my favourite characters.

Soul Eater

My very first Frankenstein I met while watching the anime Soul Eater. He really had more depth and layers to them than I first realised. Although seemingly clumsy and odd, I was not expecting the epic and skilled fighter that he was. His first introduction of being ‘sadistic’ was more in line with his true character. Although not doing what he does to inflict pain, rather he does it to learn he is not really sadistic. He just seems to lack the ability to really consider others and their feelings. His complex character is what drew him in and made him a fast favourite.

One Piece

Franky, from the anime One Piece, obviously has his name derived from Frankenstein, well in my opinion anyway. Instead of working and experimenting with living beings (excluding himself) he experiments with machines. Since I see the similarities between Franky and Frankenstein I count him as one. Intelligent, experimentative and not quite sane all mark him as a typical Frankenstein in my mind. His overbearing and insane antics and inventions never fail to entertain earning him a spot as one of my faves.

Well there you have it, here are my fave 3 Frankensteins. Would you include any other Frankensteins to my list or do you agree with my choices?

Happy Frankenstein Day!


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