AYA: 25 October 18

Today I got an injection in my bum. Wow-what an opening right? It all started about a month or so ago when I noticed I had a blocked nose. For me a blocked nose is pretty normal, I usually have issues with my sinuses. However, it doesn’t usually last quite this long.


Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that my sinus symptoms were getting worse. I was waking up with headaches or I would get home from work and suddenly flinch at the onslaught of pain below my eyes, behind my eyes and in my jaws. Those days, I would sleep and when I would wake, the pain would be gone and I would carry on as per normal. These episodes were coming on more frequently and my body started nagging for more sleep and I would lay down for one hour and wake up twelve hours later.

This past week I started to notice my ears were blocked and feeling waterlogged. There would be times where I would be dizzy while just standing or if I turned my head. I have also been waking up to a sore throat thanks to the nasal drip. Yet still, with all that, I would take a sinuclear or two and carry on.

Except for this morning. This morning, things were different. While I was ignoring the symptoms for over a month and pushing all the while counting the weeks down to the December holidays, my body made me pay attention.

I am currently staying over for the week by Jobby’s house and as per normal I woke up, woke him up and I got ready for work. I got dressed, I added milk to my cereal and got myself a glass of water. I was alright. Still the blocked nose but at this point, it is same old same old. Walking back to my bowl of breakfast from the sink I took a sip of water. I was no longer okay. I could feel it. I was going to be sick.Β  I stopped in my tracks. The feeling seemed to ease a bit. However, I know my body. I know the signs. I just know.

all anime mag.jpg

In the middle of the kitchen, I took a hesitant second sip, swallowed and put my glass down only to change my mind and take it with me as I quickly made my way down the passage and to the bathroom.

I crouched down by the toilet and just focused on what I was feeling. I took deep steadying breaths as I felt my body start to shake slightly as my mouth started to do swallowing motions. Yip, no doubt. I was going to be sick. And I won’t go into any graphic details from there. Yeah, it was not pretty.

allanimemag 1.png

As soon as I was done I took a couple mouthfuls of water from my glass and rinsed my mouth out and called my boss. It was officially time I went to the doctor to get this bout of sinus seen too. I called up the doctors rooms and booked my appointment and promptly forgot what time it had been booked for. It really was turning into a great start of a day.

I watched two episodes of HunterXHunter and the made my way home. I grabbed some cash, my medical aid card and a book. I was fully prepared to sit in the waiting room. It is the norm to do so whether you have an appointment or not. Turns out I was half an hour early but that was fine. I settled in and read my book while waiting for my turn. I also managed to fuss the doc’s cat.

Then I saw the doctor. She is a petite lady and really warm and welcoming. She smiled and asked me what’s wrong. I told her my woes and she looked at me. Then she asked if I have ever had a Cortisone injection.

Injection? I had fully anticipated to get a script to collect some Cortisone tablets up at the pharmacy. I never anticipated an injection. I don’t do needles. I think she instantly saw me pale and explained that it would offer results a lot quicker and that she herself has had it and that it was not so bad.

I weighed the pros and cons. I don’t like taking tablets either. So one bout of pain vs forcing myself to take tablets and choking them down each morning until the course is done. Plus the potential of relief sooner was what made me view the injection as the lesser of the two evils.

Only once by the bed did I ask where would I be getting the injection. I was surprised when she said the bum. I have never had an injection in my bum that I can recall. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad. I couldn’t see what was happening which helped to keep me relaxed. I felt a slight pinch at first and then it was fine. The worst was the burning after a few seconds. Then it was done.

I then headed back to Jobby’s where I just lay down and spent the day watching HunterXHunter where it really messed with my feelings and I am now trying to finish off the series tonight.


I have been warned about a few side effects that are perfectly normal and that I don’t need to panic. I can honestly say I can breathe through my nose better than I could this morning although I still had a few dizzy spells and nausea bouts. I am glad I actually spent the day lazing around. I hope I am fit, healthy and back on my feet so that I can get back to work tomorrow.


Your thoughts?

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