Miss Not-So Sidekick, an amusing read

I started reading this one half-heartedly. I was was in the mood for a light and easy read and did not want anything too in-depth. That is when I settled on Miss Not So Sidekick.

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  • Mangaka: Ellianyang Yumyum
  • Type: Webtoon
  • Genre: Romance, fantasy, comedy
  • Chapters: 139 + extra chapters
  • Status: Completed but has ongoing extra chapters
  • Anime adaptation: No
  • First Published: May 2018
  • Alternative title: Miss Bridesmaid / 不要小看女配角!; 구경 하는 들러리 양 웹툰
  • Miss not-So Sidekick is available here on TappyToon


miss not so sidekick review allanimemag

She woke up and entered her favourite novel, not as the main character nor as the villain, but as a pitiful supporting character of a side character! Kim Hye-Jeong, a teacher falls into the world of her favourite novel, ‘The Flower of the Beast’, and becomes the character, Latte. She decides to discard her original role and support the main lead and watch the story, romance and drama unfold from a front-row seat! However, Latte, who was a supporting character, shows her presence in the novel, what could possibly change?

My Thoughts on Miss Not-So Sidekick:

I was not too surprised to learn that this was another isekai styled read, or that the main character was reincarnated into a ‘villainous’ character. This has become a rather normal trope within the romance genre.

At first, I was not too big a fan of the changing art style, but the timing and flow of the story along with the personality that I could not help but carry on reading. There were parts of the story that literally had me laughing out loud, even when I was sneakily reading the updated chapter at work.

miss not so sidekick review allanimemag

Since our main character, Latte is not the main lead of the world she has reincarnated in, so although she thinks of ways to improve her standing in the story, nothing quite goes her way. Disheartened she makes an amazing discovery, Yaoi, exists in the new world as well. So she does what anyone would do, she starts writing and selling BL novels and ends up making a fortune in the process.

She finally gets a chance to meet Ibelin, the main lead of the world, as well as gets the chance to meet and unwittingly interact with the male leads, the three fishes. Knowing the basic outline and timeline of the events that are going to take place, Latte uses what she remembers as a chance to orchestrate a meeting that would allow her to become Ibelin’s friend. Thus, saving herself from the wrath of ‘fish’ number 2, Kenneth.

After accomplishing her goal of becoming Ibelin’s friend, Latte needs to navigate the ‘tropes’ and the dangers of being the female lead’s friend. All of Latte’s antics and following actions and responses have been truly enjoyable.

A lot of her pain is self-inflicted or could have been avoided. I love how she aims to be a spectator to the main story while still managing to jar the original events. She has a refreshing approach to her role in the new world and keeps reminding herself that she is but a minor side character in the original story, without realising that she has influenced the world to a degree that her role has changed.

Her relationships with the characters are being built and defined properly over time while letting us learn more about the world and the lives of the characters.  I do not mind a long-running manga series if it can manage to keep up the enjoyment like this one has.

Favourite Character: Latte

miss not so sidekick review allanimemag

I am actually choosing the main character for this one. The main character is not usually my favourite since they are bound by the plot and forced to act and do things in certain ways which at times can feel ‘not quite true to the character’ for me. So me choosing Latte surprised and pleased me. Very rarely does a chapter go by where she fails to entertain me or evoke an emotion out of me. For that reason, she is my fave character for this webtoon.

Favourite Male Lead: Arwin

miss not so sidekick review allanimemag

I have quite obviously gone with the master of the magicians’ tower for this one. Partially because of the direction the story has taken and partially because his character honestly amuses me.

Most suspicious character: Ibelin

miss not so sidekick review allanimemag

There are points throughout the series so far that have made me slightly suspicious and wary of Ibelin. Something is not quite as it seems with her and I have yet to put my finger on what.

I have really enjoyed the narrative of the whole story and I am really looking forward to the development of the plot and the characters. I am curious to see if we will get more development around the three main guys or if the plot will carry on with the singular direction it has been taking. Either way, I will be happy.

Will you read this webtoon? Are you reading it? 


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  1. What site are you reading this on? I can’t find more. Thoughts, Ibelin is an impetuous goddess taking mortal form for kicks and giggles and understands naught at all but searches out the olde script since slight amnesia due to mortal coil. Ibelins shenanigans led Latte to be trapped in the story.


  2. Hey, uh i know you probably wont answer this but uh.. if you do see this
    What website do you use for the Miss not-so sidekick lastest episode? c:
    please let me know and Thank you!

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