Sheele, a Natural Air-Headed Assassin

Even though Sheele is almost debilitatingly clumsy at times it does not deter her much. She is incredibly loyal to her friends and willing to do anything to protect them. She proves there is more to a person than what appears on the surface. This post is a simple look at who Sheele was as a character in the anime, Akame Ga Kill. I have kept the character break down spoiler-free.

  • Name: Sheele
  • Teigu: Extase
  • Height: 160cm
  • Team: Night Raid
  • Age: Mid 20’s
  • Anime: Akame Ga Kill


akame ga kill sheele panshot allanimemag

Sheele has long, straight purple hair falling to her lower back with a fringe that meets the top of her black half-rimmed rectangular glasses. Like her hair, her eyes are purple as well. She pairs her full-length purple cheongsam, a long body-fitting dress, with matching detachable purple sleeves, white thigh-high socks and white calf-length boots. The ensemble shows off her hourglass-like figure and long legs. She also has a slight scar on her right cheek below her glasses.



A true air-head and clumsy by nature, she used to be described as having a screw loose. An attribute she credits her killing ability to. She is kind and caring to a fault and able to genuinely care for her friends. Although she mainly causes trouble for her friends when she is trying to help them with cleaning, cooking or any other day to day activity, her compassion and caring manner has won them all over.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Her self sacrificing and caring nature allow her to carry on with her day to day life. Although when needed, she is ruthless in battle. She kills her targets and enemies alike without hesitation or remorse. She is able to think clearly in battle which allows her to assess the situation and find the best move to make next. She is fluid in battle and easily wields her teigu, Extase to devastating effect, cutting bodies and limbs in half with ease. She also uses Extase as a shield when she must and as her trump card, she can make it release a blinding light to blind her enemies and help her friends escape. Her deep and genuine care and love for her friends allow her to put their lives above her own.

sheele is Voiced by:

  • Mamiko Noto in the original Japanese (subbed) version
  • Jessica Boone in the English (dubbed) version


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