My Gumtree Experience Buying Second-Hand Manga

This is the first time I have purchased anything second hand online and I chose Gumtree as the base point. When purchasing things online I usually stick with the direct source, so if anything goes wrong there is a point of contact and a procedure that can be followed. As well as a company to hold liable if need be.

I decided randomly that I would purchase the full set of Bleach Manga as 3-in-1 omnibuses throughout the year. So I had a specific goal in mind. I went online in search of my desired omnibuses. Realising that this is going to be a costly venture, I decided to have a look to see if any were available on the local second-hand websites.

To my surprise and luck, I found a seller straight away. They were offering two Bleach 3-in-1 omnibus books that looked to be in really great condition all for the steal of R75. That would mean I am paying less than half-price for one standard Bleach omnibus, for two! I was tempted right away. Ignoring the late hour I messaged the seller.

We got chatting, thankfully both omnibus were still available and it was indeed R75 for both. I could not believe my luck. I am a firm believer in ‘if it’s too good to be true, it is’. Thus I was hesitant but at R75 I decided to take the chance and go for it. After arranging the postage procedure I ended up needing to pay R125. Still a lot cheaper than just one single volume.

I paid no problem and sent the proof of payment to the seller, along with my delivery details. The weekend comes and goes and I don’t hear anything from them. Then the Monday afternoon I get a photo from the seller.

I thought, ah, are they going to now try get me to buy more before sending I thought, ah, are they going to now try to get me to buy more before sending my books? Have I fallen into a trap? I was surprised by their next message, however.

Kept asks if you would like these mini Manga figurines? She was going to Free cycle, but thought you may want them. Can we pop them on with your books then?

Say what now? Not only did the seller message and explain why the parcel had not yet been sent but also offered me free cute mini-figurines! Not only that, but some of them I had been eyeing out on WISH and debating whether to get them or not. To say I was surprised, happy and doubtful was an understatement.

I kept waiting for the catch.

I then received a message with my parcel number so that I could track it, but I was still hesitant. I would not allow myself to believe until the package arrived and I opened it. I would not let myself be down if somehow this did not actually happen.

To my amazement and immense gratitude, I collected the parcel and it did indeed contain the two Bleach volumes in really great condition as well as the Misa (from Death Note) figurine and the six adorable Naruto figurines.

For my first experience buying online second hand goods, I am really impressed. I know most experiences do not get added bonuses as I did and that many people do get scammed. I will not hesitate to buy from this seller again and I know they still have great manga and light novels left to sell.


Your thoughts?

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