Susanoo, Aid to Night Raid

This post is a simple look at who Susanoo was as a character in the anime, Akame Ga Kill. I have kept the character break down spoiler-free.

  • Name: Susanoo
  • Teigu: he is one – belongs to Najenda
  • Height: 220 cm
  • Team: Night Raid
  • Age: Approx. 1000
  • Anime: Akame Ga Kill


Susanoo has blue eyes and bushy dark blue hair with two bull like horns protruding from the sides of his head. He has a little stubble on his chin. He wears a white outfit with red stitching and red amour pieces on his hips.



As a perfectionist, Susanoo does not like things to be out of place, especially regarding other’s appearance. Where he can he will automatically try to correct the ‘imperfection’. He is strait forward and respectful, although he does not understand general human concepts and bonds. Over the course of his time with Night Raid, he does develop bonds with the assassins.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Akame ga Kill Susanoo cooking

Created as a biological Teigu, Susanoo was designed to be the perfect aid to his master. Thus he is a talented cook, proficient fighter and great at providing for his master’s needs for survival. Going so far as to build shelter for his master when needed.

Since he is a biological type Teigu, his main weakness is his core. If it is destroyed, even his impressive regenerative ability will be of no good to him. Another is that if his master commands him to use his trump card 3 times, the master shall die.

Susanoo is Voiced by:

  • Shintarō Asanuma  in the original Japanese (subbed) version
  • Ty Mahany in the English (dubbed) version


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